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Neighbors among us

Meet Lillian Arnold

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May 5th, 2017
Artist Lillian Arnold, who teaches a weekly watercolor class at Eagle’s Trace, stands next to a painting of poinsettias.

Artist Lillian Arnold teaches a weekly watercolor class at Eagle’s Trace.

Lillian Arnold has been teaching a watercolor class at Eagle’s Trace ever since she moved to the West Houston Erickson Living community in May 2009.

“I didn’t start painting until my three sons left home,” says Lillian, who currently exhibits her work at the George Lee Gallery in Galveston, Tex. “My aim as an artist is to portray nature close up and intimately, and as realistically as possible. I try to draw the viewer’s eye to the details, perhaps not noticed before on a conscious level.”

Lillian’s watercolor class, which meets weekly, is a popular gathering for novice and experienced artists alike.

“Everyone is welcome,” says Lillian. “Sometimes the room is full, but we’ll always make space for one more.”