Shredding services an important part of downsizing

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May 10th, 2017
Thin strips of shredded paper

How often have you thumbed through drawers of tax documents, cancelled checks, medical bills, sales receipts, credit card statements, property and insurance records, and manuals and wondered what in the world to do with it all? Like most people, you probably close the drawer and decide to worry about it another day. That day usually comes when it’s time to relocate and moving those piles of unnecessary papers and folders becomes time-consuming, costly, and space-prohibitive.   

To start the paper-cleansing process, it may be helpful to ask an accountant or Google the IRS guidelines so you know what and when items can and should be removed. The next step is to investigate ways to dispose of those dated but still private documents in a secure, responsible way. 

Several choices

There are several choices. Recycling events hosted by organizations or cities are advertised frequently and include drop-off shredding services as do office and mail/delivery businesses such as FedEx, UPS, and Staples. 

Additionally, many have found utilizing a commercial shredding service is an efficient and easy way to dispose of personal documents and their accompanying files and folders. Most commercial shredders such as Proshred and Shred-it offer drop-off sites or residential pick-up if volume allows. 

Several times a year, Erickson Living residents take advantage of unique, recycling opportunities when mobile shredding vehicles make personal visits to their communities where they can watch their actual documents being shredded. The on-site shredding events allow residents to declutter consistently throughout the year as paperwork becomes outdated.  

Shredding services also provide environmental benefits as the tons of shredded paper are mostly recycled for other uses. Many types of paper can actually be recycled up to seven times, which means major waste reduction in landfill sites. 

Another great benefit for responsible disposal of all that outdated paperwork was best summed up by a resident at Tallgrass Creek, an Erickson Living community in Overland Park, Kans. “It is very freeing to be rid of all that clutter. It just feels good.”