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Summertime and the living is…vibrant!

A one-on-one with Ashby Ponds Sales Director Holly Henderson

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May 23rd, 2017
Holly Henderson, Ashby Ponds Sales Director

Holly Henderson, Ashby Ponds Sales Director

With the upcoming opening of Cherry Blossom Square and the recent announcement of Birch Point and Cypress Ridge at Ashby Ponds, Sales Director Holly Henderson is busier than ever this summer. Hundreds of people eager to move to the thriving community in Loudon County, Va., turn to her with questions about making Ashby Ponds their next home.

“Cherry Blossom Square is our first residence building to open in more than a year,” says Henderson. “This long-awaited addition comes after a period of careful consideration on how we can best meet the needs of both our current and future residents. I am so excited about the future of Ashby Ponds and the many wonderful offerings we provide and will continue to provide to our residents.” 

To help Tribune readers in the midst of the decision-making process, Henderson addresses the most frequently asked questions she’s receiving this spring and summer.

“I’m a firm believer that if one person is asking, many others are thinking the same thing,” she says.

Q: Why did Ashby Ponds wait for more than a year to begin new construction? 

A: This is, by far, the question I receive more than any other, and I assure you it is because of a carefully considered plan. In the early days of Ashby Ponds, before we knew what type of response we would receive, we opted to build exactly to demand and not anticipated demand. That way, if for some reason people were not choosing the Erickson Living lifestyle, we would be self-sustaining and continue to meet the promises we made to our community members.

However, we quickly learned—and the market showed us—that the Erickson Living lifestyle is in great demand. In fact, we don’t have enough apartment homes to meet that demand. We immediately went to work devising a future construction schedule. 

We used the hiatus in construction to ensure that we were building exactly what our current residents and our future residents want, both in apartment styles and amenities.  

Our current strategic plan enables us to deliver on our promises. But with demand off the charts, we are able to build at a much faster pace. 

Q: I’ve witnessed an emergence of other retirement options in the area, yet Ashby Ponds continues to grow. Why do you think that is? 

A: Yes, there are other options in the area. We encourage people to explore those options to ensure that they choose a community that best meets both their current and future needs.

With that said, Ashby Ponds offers a truly unique and preferred lifestyle. For that reason, we continue to grow. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t listen to residents and priority list members, learning exactly what they want and need in their retirement. Each of our new residence buildings is designed to include the most asked-for floor plans and amenities.

We also host a variety of focus groups to ensure we are providing people with what they desire. For example, we recently hosted a focus group made up of people who will move into Cherry Blossom Square with the purpose of developing the menu for the community’s newest restaurant, 1912 (named for the year the Japanese gifted the U.S. with cherry blossom trees), which will be located in the new building.

The participants were very excited for the opportunity to influence their future dining options. And we are grateful for their input as it helps us provide them with exactly what they want in an on-site restaurant.

Q: What if I want to move to Ashby Ponds as soon as possible? Are there options available that do not require waiting for the completion of the new construction?

A: Absolutely. We currently have a handful of apartment homes available. This month, we are hosting a special one-bedroom event featuring the Newberry and Bradford designs, both of which are now available. And if that date does not fit into your schedule, I encourage you to call and schedule a one-on-one appointment.

Q: I would like to consider a move to Ashby Ponds in the future, but I am not ready to move at this time. Is it too early to join the priority list?

A: Definitely not. Due to the demand for the Ashby Ponds lifestyle, joining the priority list is the only guaranteed way to ensure a future at the community. Priority list members receive first notice on new construction, and this benefit cannot be overstated. Cherry Blossom Square sold out almost exclusively to priority list members within weeks of being announced.

In addition, one of the biggest benefits of joining the priority list is access to Ashby Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Elizabeth McCumiskey. She meets with priority list members in their home to provide information on the wide variety of resources available through Erickson Realty and Moving Services, including real estate agents, downsizing experts, cleanout services, packers, and movers. Everyone she refers has been vetted and has worked with Ashby Ponds before. They are handpicked because of the quality of services they provide. 

Another huge benefit to priority list membership is access to Ashby Ponds’ Live the Life suite. Members enjoy living on campus for a designated period of time enjoying access to the same amenities and services as our community members. Guests are encouraged to select activities that interest them and then attend a club meeting, join residents for dinner, relax in our spa, see a show, or work out in our fitness center. It really is an unbeatable experience. 

A summer to remember

Henderson believes so strongly in the Ashby Ponds lifestyle that she encouraged her husband’s parents Don and Joan Henderson to move to the community.

“They recently celebrated their two-year anniversary at Ashby Ponds and couldn’t be happier,” she says. “Time and time again, they tell people that moving here was one of the top three best decisions of their lives—after getting married and having their beautiful children. In fact, they are so busy having fun that I’ve lost my two favorite babysitters!

“My wish is for others to find the same happiness, and I encourage anyone interested in an Ashby Ponds future, whether in the short-term or in years to come, to schedule a visit this summer.”