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Sunrise-to-sunset views

Couple enjoys their home and life at Devonshire

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May 26th, 2017
Expansive view outdoors seen from the living room inside a Dalton-style apartment home.

This is the expansive view that John and Jackie Hannon saw when they toured the Dalton apartment that’s now their home. The breakfast area where they’ve placed their dining room table is off to the left.

As soon as Jackie and John Hannon walked into a Dalton-style floor plan at Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Palm Beach Gardens, they knew they’d found their new home. 

The apartment had been updated to feature an open kitchen, a completely remodeled master bathroom, and the latest finishes throughout. 

“The shower is enormous,” says John. “We had a Roman bath in our house at PGA National, but this rivals that.”

The makeover is now standard in newly reserved Dalton-style apartment homes, and residents are welcome to commission additional customizing.  

The Hannons fell in love with the Dalton for two reasons. “Dalton floor styles are all corner locations and wrap around a bit,” says Jackie. “We have sunrise-to-sunset views and a home that’s light and bright.” 

Living on the fourth floor, their view extends to the nearby nature preserve at the northern tip of the Everglades.

The natural world, showcasing an amazing array of bird life, is always within their sight.

The second attribute was the Dalton’s layout and size. 

Jackie and John moved from a 6,000-square-foot home. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom Dalton delivers 1,900-plus square feet that includes a den, Devonshire’s notoriously large closets, a spacious storage room, and flexible furniture arrangements. 

“We downsized dramatically, but many of our pieces fit comfortably,” says Jackie. “We’re not cramped, although we have very large furniture.”

Personalizing their home

The Dalton’s common areas present a smooth and curving flow of space from its foyer through its dining area and from the living room to the breakfast area. 

The Hannons let the space rather than conventional thinking dictate their furniture placement. 

Their dining room table sits not in the floor plan’s suggested dining area but in the large breakfast area that’s adjacent to the Dalton’s screened terrace. 

Jackie’s orchids thrive on the terrace, and the couple enjoys their morning coffee there.

As for the apartment’s conventional dining area, two large and favorite pieces of the Hannons’ furnishings, a large antique armoire and a large antique secretary hutch, stand against opposite walls. There’s no furniture in the middle of that space to impede the floor plan’s open flow.  

The couple switched purposes for other rooms too. The floor plan’s designated den, which features French doors, has become John’s office. 

The couple’s second bedroom is now their den; a guest room would rarely have seen use. When family members visit, the Hannons put them up in a Devonshire guest suite.

“The den is a comfortable place to be,” Jackie says. Because it, too, adjoins the terrace, it’s filled with light and features an enviable view. 

It’s where Jackie retreats to read and crochet, and she and John watch TV. 

When they downsized, the Hannons asked themselves what they’d miss after they moved.

They’ve discovered they miss little or nothing.

“We don’t have a backyard,” says John. “But we have a terrace for Jackie’s plants; the Everglades is our backyard.” 

At PGA National they had a pool table and a swimming pool. Both are on site at Devonshire, and the Hannons can enjoy both and leave all the maintenance to Devonshire’s staff.

“What we used all the time,” John says, “were the bedroom, kitchen, family room, and office. We have all of that in our apartment.”

“This is our place,” says Jackie. “It feels like home.”