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Teamwork pays off

Maryland couple moves fast to secure their dream home

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May 10th, 2017
Forest and Dayle Dawes moved to Charlestown from Arnold, Md., one year ago.

Forest and Dayle Dawes moved to Charlestown from Arnold, Md., one year ago.

Dayle and Forest Dawes agreed that in 2017 they would move from their Arnold home of 35 years to Charlestown, an Erickson Living community located about 40 minutes northwest in Catonsville. 

So in February 2016, Dayle and Forest joined Charlestown’s priority list and planned to have more than enough time to downsize and get the house in order when the unexpected happened. 

“We were only on the priority list a few days when we found out that the apartment we wanted was available,” says Dayle. “We decided to take a look at it, even though we weren’t planning on moving that soon. Once we saw it, we loved it. There were lots of windows and natural light and an ambience similar to our house.”

Quick step

Aware that there was a limited number of the apartment design they had their hearts set on, they decided to bump up their plans to move. With help from Charlestown Personal Moving Consultant Vera Ballard, the Dawes hit the ground running, downsized, secured a real estate agent and a mover, made home improvements, and sold their house in just nine days. 

“At first it was stressful and we were thinking, ‘How are we going to do this?’” says Dayle. “Everything happened very quickly, but in the end it all worked perfectly and everything fell into place. We have moved five or six times but this was the easiest move we’ve ever made.” 

This month marks one year since Dayle and Forest moved to Charlestown. It turns out, moving a year early was one of the best decisions they ever made. 

“There are a great deal of things to do here on campus,” says Dayle. “I’ve done quite of bit of writing for fundraising projects, and we both volunteer as ambassadors at marketing events.”

And it seems their five-year-old granddaughter loves their new home as much as they do. 

“When she visits we take her to the pool and fishing at the lake,” says Dayle. “She enjoys eating in the restaurants and just walking around and meeting new people.”