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Getting spoiled at Devonshire

Couple finds it harder to leave for their summer home in North Carolina

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June 27th, 2017
Devonshire residents Edie and Jim Hix form an impressive photographic team. He handles the technical things; she oversees the composition.

Devonshire residents Edie and Jim Hix form an impressive photographic team. He handles the technical things; she oversees the composition.

Jim and Edie Hix decided to move to a senior living community from their home in PGA National because they were spending too much time overseeing the maintenance of their property instead of spending time on things they loved to do. 

When they visited Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living’s senior living community in Palm Beach Gardens, the Hixes found just what they’d been hoping for right in their own community.

Among its many amenities, Devonshire offers a maintenance-free pampered lifestyle and attentive, full-time staff.

It also boasts five clubhouse restaurants serving world-class cuisine. Edie, who did the cooking at the Hixes’ home in PGA and at their summer place in North Carolina, thought that was phenomenal. 

A serendipitous situation

In 2015, when the Hixes summered in North Carolina, they stayed for a time in a condominium while their house was being renovated. 

“Jim and I discovered we could live in that size space and not need our PGA house,” says Edie. So when they returned to Florida, they toured Devonshire’s popular, two-bedroom, two-bath with balcony Flagler floor plan. They were amazed to see that it nearly matched the floor plan of their condominium. 

The Hixes reserved the apartment, moved in last spring, then went to North Carolina for the summer. Since their return in October, they’ve been enjoying themselves immensely at Devonshire. 

“The wellness classes are wonderful,” says Edie. She and Jim take yoga and use the fitness machines. They walk the trail around Devonshire’s grounds and also walk along Ryder Cup Boulevard. 

“In inclement weather we walk inside,” Jim says. Devonshire’s three residence buildings are connected to its clubhouse via climate-controlled hallways, making the lifestyle weatherproof. 

Edie has joined Sew & So, a group that knits afghans as welcome gifts to new community members of Chatsworth, Devonshire’s rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood. “It’s exciting,” she says. “Doing something for others makes me happy, and I find myself picking up my knitting when I should be doing other things.”

Jim has joined Devonshire’s men’s club, and because so many of his neighbors have expressed an interest, he aims to start a camera club for photographers of all skill levels. 

Capturing life in photos

Photography is Jim’s love. He’s taken more than 100,000 photos. 

“Wherever I go I have a camera in my hand,” he says. Living at the northern tip of the Everglades gives him abundant subjects from the natural world.

Devonshire’s lively activities schedule lets him photograph people and events. 

After Jim retired, he and Edie started a photography business in which he did lots of restoration work. The appreciation he saw in people’s eyes when they saw their restored photos made him feel he was doing something meaningful.

That feeling still guides him. “I like photos that evoke emotion rather than merely record,” Jim says. 

He and Edie work as a team. Photography’s technical aspects is Jim’s forte; Edie’s is composition.

Because they have intriguing stories to tell about the people, places, and things they’ve captured in photos, the Hixes fit right in at Devonshire. 

“When you go down to dinner,” says Jim, “you always find people [to engage] in an interesting conversation.”

Members of Devonshire’s welcoming committee invited the Hixes to dinner and introduced them to other community neighbors shortly after the couple’s move. 

“That friendliness made such a difference,” says Edie. 

Now, “It’s becoming so difficult to go off to North Carolina because we’ve adapted so well to being spoiled at Devonshire. I’m a happy camper.”