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Maris Grove’s serendipitous six

Future neighbors bond before moving

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June 1st, 2017
Incoming Maris Grove residents who call themselves the Serendipitous Six include (from left) Maggie Arbuckle, Mary Ann Barrow, Mary Ann Biller-Fischetti, Diana Washburn, Beth Disciacsio, and Ronnie Anderson.

Incoming Maris Grove residents who call themselves the Serendipitous Six include (from left) Maggie Arbuckle, Mary Ann Barrow, Mary Ann Biller-Fischetti, Diana Washburn, Beth Disciacsio, and Ronnie Anderson.

The benefits of joining Maris Grove’s priority list go far beyond getting in line to reserve the apartment home style of your choice at the Delaware County, Pa., Erickson Living community. 

Benefits include invitations to exclusive events and first dibs on newly constructed apartment homes, based on your priority date. 

Those exclusive priority list events become a key part of acclimating to the community. Each time you attend, you meet other members who will become your future neighbors.

For six women moving to Maris Grove’s new Redwood Commons neighborhood this summer, joining the list led to an ever-growing circle of newfound friends.

First, a duo

As each woman reserved her apartment home, she began attending priority list events designed exclusively for those moving to the new homes opening this summer.

Mary Ann Barrow, from Villanova, Pa., and Mary Ann Biller-Fischetti, from nearby West Chester, met in December 2015 at a virtual tour of new floor plan styles in Redwood Commons’ first two residence buildings, Oakleaf Terrace and Maple Crossing. 

Mary Ann Barrow chose Maris Grove in part because it offers the security of a gated community. At home one evening when her house was broken into, she’s been security conscious ever since.  

Moving into a new home in a new neighborhood where everyone would be new together also appealed to her. 

And as a retired nurse, “I wouldn’t move to a place that wasn’t a continuing care retirement community,” she says. 

Because Maris Grove’s full-service medical center and its rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood are both right on site, Mary Ann’s children won’t have to worry about her or any possible future care. 

The two Mary Anns exchanged email messages through the winter. In May, at a Redwood Commons construction update and barbecue event, they met Media, Pa., resident Maggie Arbuckle. The women instantly hit it off, and the duo became a trio. 

Maggie was excited about moving to a new home and neighborhood but wondered if Maris Grove’s 1,400-plus population would overwhelm her. Meeting the Mary Anns changed her mind; she felt immediately comfortable within their smaller friendship niche. 

And so, at a Move-in Expo event in September at Maris Grove, Maggie invited Beth Disciascio to join the trio. Beth, also from Media, had recently ended her commitment at a different community in favor of Maris Grove because it offered what she wanted, a larger apartment and a patio.

More importantly, “When I walked around after reserving, the common areas were full of people,” she says. “They greeted me. They were active, involved, and vibrant. Maris Grove is alive!”

The serendipitous six

The group expanded yet again this January at a luncheon at the Concordville Inn. Maris Grove Personal Moving Consultant Suzy McAllister had seated the guests according to the floor they will live on after they move.

Mary Ann Barrow sat near Diana Washburn and invited her into the group. Diana, in turn, invited West Chester resident Ronnie Anderson, who had been recently widowed. Ronnie and Diana will become across-the-hall neighbors. 

Diana is moving from Wilmington, Del., to Maris Gove because of Sales Manager Liz Harrington. “Hers was the first voice I heard on the phone and the first person I met when I visited Maris Grove,” she says. “Liz was warm and welcoming and gracious. She made me feel confident I could make this work.”

The support of her Redwood Commons friends has amplified that feeling. The women encourage and cheer one another on.

“They are the best, most supportive women I’ve ever met,” says Beth. 

Overlapping friendship circles

Diana and Ronnie even discovered they’d met years before when Diana’s husband was Ronnie’s husband’s boss. “I’m thrilled to have someone living right across the hall from me who knew my husband,” Diana says.

All six of the women believe their lives at Maris Grove will be rich with friends. 

“I hope and expect this will be an ever-expanding group of friends, like Venn circles,” says Beth. “You’ll do this with this little group, that with that little group, and these other things all by yourself. And they will all overlap.”

Indeed, because Maris Grove abounds in friendly people, residents and staff alike, who genuinely care about their neighbors. 

Campus activities ensure an active lifestyle, amenities provide peace of mind, and the community members make Maris Grove a happy place.

“My choice of Maris Grove is a good one,” says Ronnie. “I’m continuing with the plans my husband and I had made. He did rehabilitation there five years ago when he broke his hip. I watched them care for him and was very impressed. So my move goes further now than just an apartment. It goes to the future.” 

New everything

The Redwood Commons neighborhood, opening this month at Maris Grove, comprises two residence buildings connected to a central clubhouse that provides amenities such as a restaurant, café and bar, media room, and multipurpose craft studio.

The residence buildings feature 18 different floor plans, 7 of which are completely new, and 6 of which feature a balcony—a frequent request from prospective community members. 

The airy and open-concept designs range in size from expansive one-bedroom styles to two-bedroom styles with den and sunroom. All include upgraded lighting and flooring, upscale kitchens, and beautiful finishes throughout.  

An enclosed and climate-controlled bridge connects Redwood Commons to the rest of Maris Grove to ensure a weatherproof lifestyle.

Joining the list

Maris Grove’s priority list, comprised of people who plan to move to Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa., allows prospective residents to reserve their place in line for the apartment home of their choice. All it takes to join is a fully refundable $1,000 deposit and a $150-per-person nonrefundable application fee.

When people submit their deposit, that date is noted as their priority list date. Once their preferred floor plan style becomes available, the sales team gives first right of refusal to priority list members based on their joining date.