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Show and tell

Greenspring community members open their homes to prospective residents

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June 27th, 2017
Greenspring Wellness Manager Bradley Hibbs and George Washington of the Nationals Racing Presidents welcome priority list members to the home expo.

Greenspring Wellness Manager Bradley Hibbs and George Washington of the Nationals Racing Presidents welcome priority list members to the home expo.

The Greenspring priority list offers the hottest ticket in town: a future home at the sought-after Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va. Membership certainly has its privileges, including invitations to special events designed specifically for the community’s future residents.

“We plan each event with our priority list members’ tastes and preferences in mind,” says Senior Sales Associate Franklin Funes. “These events are wonderful opportunities for our future community members to meet and form friendships with the people that will some day be their neighbors.”

Recently, Greenspring priority list members enjoyed premier access to the annual home expo, with visiting guests the Washington Nationals Racing Presidents. But the Greenspring community members who showcased their homes were the true stars of the show.

Stunning showcase

Throughout the year, several Greenspring community members open their homes to prospective future residents, providing a real-life sneak peek into apartment home living. 

“These are our most popular events,” says Funes. “The Greenspring Home Expo in April and the Fall Open House in October provide opportunities to see real, lived-in homes, as opposed to homes decorated and staged by professionals. At each of these events, the homeowners are available to answer questions and share their experiences.”

Many guests at these events are eager to walk through Greenspring’s most popular apartment homes, including the two-bedroom, one-bathroom Fairmont, and the sought-after studio homes, the Abbott and the Addison.

Greenspring community members Peggy and George White were eager to showcase their home at the most recent expo.

“We like to encourage people to move while they are able to enjoy living at Greenspring,” says Peggy. “We think it is very important to get on the priority list as soon as possible. We were members of the priority list before our April 2010 move. We attended home expos and as many events as possible. It’s the best way to get ideas and some perspective on what to expect once you move.”

Couldn’t be happier

Before their August 2009 move to Greenspring, Jerry and Zelda Wiener attended a home expo to help in their decision-making process. 

“Seeing the showcase of homes was extremely helpful,” says Zelda. “We now enjoy opening our home to future neighbors as a way of returning the favor. The expo provides guests with a feel for the community as a whole. It’s also an opportunity to compare the experiences described by residents to the information you receive from the sales staff—a sort of validation, so to speak.”

During her conversations with future residents, Zelda enjoys sharing the story of how important their move was, not just to them, but to their daughter.

“We lived here for about a month when our daughter came to me with tears in her eyes and said, ‘Mom, you and Dad have given me the greatest gift imaginable. I know you’re happy, comfortable, and have on-site activities. You live in a safe community and are well cared for. I don’t have to worry about you. Thanks for being so unselfish.’”

And because the Wieners have showcased their home for many years, they continually run into new community members who remember them, and their stories, from the expo.

“They indicate their appreciation for the opportunity to see our home and meet with us,” says Zelda. “They often share how the experience helped them make the decision to move sooner rather than later.”  

Sharing the love

After three years as members of the priority list, John and Pat Charbonneau moved to Greenspring in September 2014. During that time, they attended several priority list seminars and home expos. Now they open their home to others.

“We were given the advice not to wait too long, and now it’s my turn to share the same advice,” says Pat. “By the time you find the house and yard are getting to be too much or you aren’t enjoying it as much as you used to, you’ve waited too long. We decided to open up our home because we love our apartment and our life at Greenspring and are happy to share our experience. It’s like living on a cruise ship without the water.”

In addition to providing the opportunity to speak directly to current Greenspring community members, events like the home expo enable guests to direct questions to various staff members.

“At an event like this, you can ask all your questions at once, because so many staff are present,” says Pat. “It’s a great opportunity to ask the ‘I’ve heard from someone who lives here’ questions.”

Plans are currently under way for Greenspring’s Fall Open House. 

“My suggestion to anyone interested in attending is to schedule an appointment and join the priority list,” says Funes. “Our wonderful residents are already looking forward to sharing their experiences and answering your questions.”