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Standing out from the crowd

Windsor Run offers strong financial structure

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June 27th, 2017
Sales Counselor Marlene Victorine meets with people interested in moving to Windsor Run.

Windsor Run Sales Counselor Marlene Victorine.

It’s no secret that Erickson Living communities stand above other continuing care retirement communities when it comes to providing the best in retirement living with industry-leading offerings, including on-site medical care and numerous amenities and services. And with a strong financial record, Erickson Living community members enjoy the peace of mind that comes with making a financially sound investment.

“I decided to move to Greenspring [an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va.] as soon as I was able to because, financially, it made the most sense,” says Sharon Featherstone, a retired foreign service officer with responsibilities in budgeting and finance. “I tend to look at things analytically and with a bottom-line point of view.”

For many, like Sharon, Erickson Living’s approach to retirement living has proven to be a healthy financial decision for community members when compared to waiting and facing additional costs and unforeseen expenses associated with staying in a house. 

“Each day we meet with people very interested in learning about Windsor Run’s financial structure,” says Sales Counselor Marlene Victorine. “People want to know how their money will be spent and, additionally, how it will be protected. They’ve worked hard for their money and want to make a smart financial decision for their future.”

Windsor Run’s solid financial structure includes a 90% refundable entrance deposit, a dependable monthly service package, and unbeatable amenities and services (the Residence and Care Agreement has full details). 

“Windsor Run community members will balance their budgets with confidence, knowing with certainty, that no matter what the financial future holds, their investment is safe and their future is secure,” says Victorine.

Cornerstone of success

At the heart of Windsor Run’s financial structure is the industry-leading, 90% refundable entrance deposit. The entrance fee is the cost of a resident’s apartment home and is based on the home’s individual features. 

“For me, moving to an Erickson Living community was really about this initial investment,” says Sharon. “I knew, that like most things, the cost of the entrance deposit would increase each year. It was never going to be cheaper than it was at that moment.”

At 68 years old, some people suggested to Sharon that she wait a few years until she was older to make her move. 

“I’m not sure of the purpose of waiting just to get older,” she says. “I realized that waiting simply to get older would cost me significantly. For instance, if the cost of the entrance deposit rose by $5,000 a year, in five years I would spend $25,000 more than I would if I moved right now. And for what reason? Simply to be older. It didn’t make financial sense to me.”

Additionally, Sharon knew that the real estate market is always changing.

“I considered the fact that by waiting five more years, there was no guarantee that the value of my condo would continue to rise. But I did know that the cost of moving to Greenspring would increase each year.”

Day-to-day finances

In addition to the benefits of the 90% refundable entrance deposit, moving to Windsor Run provides the many benefits of the monthly service package.

The monthly service package covers the costs of all utilities (with the exception of telephone), all major repairs, 24-hour security, flexible dining plan, secure Wi-Fi, and cable television. Several amenities not available when living in a house—including home and seasonal maintenance, professional landscaping, furnace heat pump inspections and air conditioning, and snow removal—are also part of the package.

“The monthly service package is a wonderful structure,” says Victorine. “I wish I could combine all my bills like that. You don’t have to write several checks or worry about forgetting to pay a bill. It’s all conveniently in one place, and the same cost every month, which allows you to budget better than the best financial planner.”

Opportunity costs

Another financial benefit of moving to Windsor Run will be the numerous opportunities for activities and socializing. Community members will enjoy access to a state-of-the-art fitness center, swimming pool and spa, classrooms, library, restaurants, and a cornhole court.

“The opportunities for socialization was another big factor in my decision to move to Greenspring,” says Sharon. “I moved only nine months after retiring. I’m a people person and I missed the social interactions I had in my office. I was lonely in my condo.”

Windsor Run priority list members Jack and Jean Riley eagerly await the opportunity to make new friends and take full advantage of the many social opportunities.

“We are excited for the move,” says Jean. “We don’t intend to spend our time sitting in our apartment. We look forward to being out and about among our new neighbors.”

First things first

Thanks to Erickson Living’s strong financial record and the peace of mind that comes with a financially sound investment, the Windsor Run sales office is busy each day meeting with people interested in a future at the sought-after community. 

“I tell all of our guests that the first and most important step is to join the priority list,” says Victorine. “There is never any pressure to make a decision. I want to make sure Windsor Run is the right choice for our prospective residents as much as they do.”

“When you look at the numbers it only makes sense to move as soon as you can,” says Sharon. “I have never regretted my decision and look forward to many new and exciting adventures, all while knowing I made a sound, financial decision.”