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7 upsides to downsizing

The benefits of living a more minimalist lifestyle

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July 7th, 2017
Moving to Wind Crest doesn’t diminish your outdoor space—it enlarges it. The only thing Wind Crest neighbors give up is home and yard maintenance. Here, community members celebrate the opening of a new putting green.

Moving to Wind Crest doesn’t diminish your outdoor space—it enlarges it. The only thing Wind Crest neighbors give up is home and yard maintenance. Here, community members celebrate the opening of a new putting green.

You’re on the fence about downsizing and moving to an apartment-style community, even though it offers full access to health care on site. You may not need it now, but you acknowledge you or your spouse may need it in the future.

You have mixed feelings about leaving an environment that’s so familiar, but your neighborhood has changed and you’re starting to feel a little isolated. 

You have so many memories in your house, but the maintenance and repairs are getting to be too much. 

A new, smaller home brings with it positive lifestyle changes you may not have anticipated. This is an exciting next stage in your life. And if you know what’s ahead, you’ll be better prepared to make the transition with ease.

1. Get closer to your neighbors. When you move into a new home, you may be farther away from your old friends and activities. But a new community has opportunities to make new friends around every corner, and you can host former neighbors anytime (without having to run the dishwasher twice).

Should you choose an Erickson Living community like Wind Crest in Highlands Ranch, Colo., where all buildings connect via climate-controlled walkways, you’ll find you’re closer to everything you need—including friends and activities.

Get to know your neighbors, and you’re taking the first step toward building the foundation of your new neighborhood—and your new lifestyle. You may even find the friend, or friends, of a lifetime.

2. Trade maintenance for more living. Whether you hire a landscaper or do it yourself, think about how much time and money you spend on your lawn and gardens. When your backyard and living space shrinks, so does the amount of time you spend maintaining it. 

Move to a maintenance-free community, where all home and yard maintenance is included, and you’ll have more time to pursue other interests, perhaps some you gave up years ago or some you’ve always wanted to try. Move to a community that provides hobby and activity spaces—like a woodshop, garden area, and fitness and aquatics centers—and you have the best of both worlds. 

3. Embrace living with less. Take a moment to consider how many rooms you actually use in your current house and how many rooms simply collect clutter. 

Rightsizing is a good excuse to get more organized. Create more thoughtful use of space by installing closet systems or built-in bookshelves. Space-saving sliding barn doors or pocket doors transform dead space behind swinging doors to useful areas for shelves or a piece of furniture.

You’ll soon appreciate accumulating less clutter. And your wallet will thank you for only purchasing products you love. 

4. Change the way you cook. By now you’ve made about 14,600 dinners in the last 40 years alone. Aren’t you ready to let someone else cook for you (and clean up too)?

Embrace your new lifestyle. Eat out. Make friends at dinner. Or invite old neighbors to join you. 

Enhance the meals you do cook at home, like breakfast and lunch, by focusing on the very best ingredients and freshest produce. Cook what you love and enjoy the fact that you don’t have much to clean up. And with seven dining venues to choose from at Wind Crest—including the new Burton’s Steakhouse—eating out never requires a parking space.

5. Make mindful purchases. Now you have the perfect excuse to go furniture shopping. You will probably discover that some of your old furniture doesn’t work in your new home. Even if you use a personal moving consultant and make careful measurements, some items may not fit. Or a light-filled room in your new home highlights stains or tears you hadn’t noticed. Perhaps you just find you want to use the room differently than you had planned. 

With all your favorite pieces in your new space, you may find you have more money to splurge on upgrades, like that tile backsplash you’ve always wanted.

6. Surround yourself with meaningful belongings. Part of the downsizing process includes deciding what to keep and what to give, donate, or throw away. Most people say this is a very freeing activity. Once you get rid of excessive items with no meaning or use to you, you have more space in your life to showcase the belongings you love. 

7. Spend quality time with guests. How many times have you hosted friends or family for dinner or holidays only to find yourself in the kitchen the whole time? That’s not even counting the hours spent cleaning your home before your guests’ arrival. 

At Wind Crest, residents entertain all the time without cooking or cleaning up. They enjoy access to the private dining rooms and discounted catering costs from the on-site team that handles everything and get to spend quality time with their guests.