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Desirable diagonal

Unique two-bedroom, two-bath apartment a favorite at Erickson Living communities

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July 7th, 2017
The Ridgway boasts a substantial amount of living and storage space.

The Ridgway boasts a large amount of living and storage space. Add your furniture to this apartment home’s stylish features and finishes, and decorating is done. Just ask Cathy Rathgeber, a former interior designer who chose this floor plan for herself.

Two years ago, Conk and Bonnie Buckley selected the floor plan for their brand new apartment home at Tallgrass Creek, an Erickson Living community in Overland Park, Kans. Sight unseen, the two-bedroom, two-bath apartment seemed like a good fit on paper. Today, Conk and Bonnie couldn’t be happier.

“We love it. There isn’t anything we would have done differently,” says Bonnie.

This couple’s floor plan will be available in Wind Crest’s newest building, Mt. Rosa Court, as the Ridgway.

The 126 apartment homes in Mt. Rosa Court will be open in spring 2018 and are currently being offered for reservation. 

A perfect fit

The Ridgway’s unique diagonal wall creates a spacious, open layout and alcove for a dining room set or special furniture pieces. In the Buckleys’ case, it fit their baby grand piano and grandfather clock perfectly.

“This one we liked because of the alcove off the living room where we could put our piano,” Conk says. “That alcove was the main reason we picked this over other two-bedroom, two-bath floor plans. It creates a lot of space for us,” Conk says.

“One of the advantages of living at an Erickson community is we don’t have to cook,” he adds. “We don’t eat much for breakfast anyway, so it’s just lunch. So we didn’t really need a dining room table. If we want to entertain we go down to the restaurants.” 

On the other hand, Cathy and Bill Rathgeber love to entertain in their version of the home in the Erickson Living community, Highland Springs in Dallas, Tex. When they first moved in, they hosted a crowd of 47. “It’s nice to entertain because of the open space,” Cathy says.

Pleasant surprises

While the Rathgebers found the diagonal wall of the floor plan to be a challenge on paper, once they moved in they realized it created a light-filled, easily navigable space. “It’s bright and open and fresh,” says Cathy, a retired interior designer.

“The slanted wall in our apartment sometimes turns people off, but we really like it because it fits with what we’ve got perfectly. The advantage to the slanted wall is we’ve got a huge walk-in pantry that is a big benefit as far as we’re concerned,” says Bill. “I think it’s a very efficient use of space.” 

A balcony or patio and the living room “corner” the alcove, while a large island separates the leisure area from the kitchen. A walk-in pantry provides abundant storage in addition to the expansive master walk-in, the double closets in the spare bedroom, and the linen closet in the second full bathroom.

“The storage space is wonderful. I love the pantry. I could live in that pantry,” Cathy laughs. 

Both couples use the second bedroom as an office. 

“My office is unique,” Conk says. “I have two big desks. One is a large, hundred-year-old desk. The other one, opposite it, has the computer on it. Then I brought two bookcases and two chairs in between the bookcases and everything just fit. It’s become a reading room, office, and computer room. People can’t believe we fit all this in that room.”

While they managed to bring their favorite items from home, Conk and Bonnie also discovered they weren’t using most of the rooms and things in their previous house. 

“It’s funny what you find out you didn’t use. We didn’t need all those bedrooms. By the time we took a look at all the stuff we had in the bedrooms and the basement and the living room and dining room, because we weren’t going to entertain anymore, the downsizing wasn’t that drastic for us,” Bonnie says.

Great value

At 1,393 square feet and a 90% refundable entrance deposit starting at $511,000 (details are in the Residence and Care Agreement), the Ridgway is a desirable option—and one that surely won’t be available for long. 

The Ridgway is one of 17 floor plan styles available in Mt. Rosa Court. It is also one of three layouts inspired by customer feedback to debut in the new building. 

Each of the 126 apartment homes in Mt. Rosa Court will boast upgraded lighting and flooring, modern kitchens, and fine finishes throughout. 

Mt. Rosa Court will connect to the amenities in nearby High Line Overlook Clubhouse by weatherproof, enclosed walkways. The fitness center, all-season pool, on-site medical center, and restaurants of the Town Center neighborhood are also connected and accessible via shuttle bus. The new building features several community spaces and convenient access to parking.

Wind Crest has begun accepting reservations for apartment homes in Mt. Rosa Court. To join the priority list and have the opportunity to reserve a brand-new home at Wind Crest—which may be the last, at least for a while—call 1-800-710-2374.