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It’s easy to ‘like’ us

Greenspring Facebook page keeps ‘friends’ up to date

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July 31st, 2017
A screenshot of the Greenspring Facebook page, showing a photo of the Greenspring campus.

In a world of dominating social media presence, Greenspring, an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va., is turning to Facebook as a new way of providing detailed information on the daily changes taking place on campus.

“We are thrilled to offer everyone who visits our Facebook page an insider’s look at Greenspring,” says Senior Sales Associate Franklin Funes. “Our sales team continually updates the page with information on our upcoming special events and news from across Erickson Living. We hope our Facebook page will empower potential residents and their families as a result of the wealth of information provided.”

Growing trend

According to a 2016 Pew Research Center study, older adults are one of fastest-growing segments of new Facebook users. The study shows that 62% of online adults over age 65 now use Facebook. That figure has increased six percentage points from late 2014, when 56% of online adults over age 65 used Facebook.

Greenspring is one of 19 Erickson Living communities to recently launch an information-rich Facebook page.

“The Facebook page has two goals: awareness and connection,” says Erin Vernon, social media program manager at Erickson Living. “Through Facebook, we aim to increase engagement and interaction among residents, prospective residents, employees, and family members. Facebook provides the perfect venue to showcase the lifestyle we offer and to invite everyone to connect and come together. Consumers are always more interested in what other customers have to say.”

It’s all in the details

To visit the Greenspring Facebook page, users simply search for “Greenspring” on Facebook’s search bar, indicated with a magnifying glass at the top lefthand side of the page. 

Once arriving at the page, guests can simply peruse the page or choose to “like” or “share” the page by clicking on the appropriate boxes on the top of the page. Those who choose to like the page will find that Greenspring updates will begin to appear in their Facebook newsfeed. 

“The goal of our Facebook page is to promote the Greenspring lifestyle, special activities, and announcements, and to allow people to see that we are current in our interaction with technology,” says Funes.  

Updates occur frequently and include photos, special event information, and Tribune stories about the people who live at Greenspring.

Making it easy

The Greenspring Facebook page is just one of many ways the community strives to provide detailed online information. In addition to the Facebook
page, Greenspring has its own website at

A library of Tribune stories is also available at

“We live in a time when a majority of information gathering begins online,” says Funes. “Sometimes that search begins with a future resident, and other times a child or other family member initiates the search. Our hope in providing numerous online options is that people will find all the information they need to make this very important decision.”

Funes and his sales team encourage anyone considering a future at Greenspring or simply wishing to learn more about the community to visit Greenspring’s Facebook page. 

“The page is updated daily with new information,” he says. “And the best part is that what we post is not ‘salesy’ but rather provides a real-life glimpse into the many exciting activities happening on campus. In fact, more and more people visiting our campus remark on something they ‘saw on Facebook.’” 

Although the Greenspring Facebook page was not available when Clint Lambert and his wife Vicki moved to Greenspring, they recognize the benefits this new form of communication provides future community members. 

“For those who are comfortable using Facebook, the Greenspring page is a great way to learn as much as you can before making the decision to move to Greenspring,” says Clint. “By doing so, they may feel more in touch with the community.”

“And that’s our goal,” says Funes. “To provide as much information as possible to help people make the best decision for their future.”