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Life in the slow lane?

Not for this lifelong cyclist

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July 31st, 2017
Suzanne Sperry cycles on Devonshire’s perimeter road toward a bike trail that will take her to PGA. From there she’ll ride to Juno Beach and breakfast at the Hurricane Café.

Suzanne Sperry cycles on Devonshire’s perimeter road toward a bike trail that will take her to PGA. From there she’ll ride to Juno Beach and breakfast at the Hurricane Café.

“Life in the slow lane,” takes on new meaning when it’s applied to Suzanne Sperry, a community member at Devonshire at PGA National, Erickson Living’s senior living community in Palm Beach Gardens.

Her slow lanes are the abundant scenic bike trails crisscrossing southeast Florida. 

Suzanne has pursued diverse athletic activities but has maintained her love of cycling since she and her sister spent childhood summers biking on Long Island. 

When she lived in the Eagleton neighborhood of PGA National, she joined a group of 14 neighbors who rode together, including on cycling trips in France and Holland.

Should she give up a favorite pursuit because she’s moved to senior living? No way! 

“The designated biking paths are safe, plentiful, and beautiful,” says Suzanne. 

Devonshire provides wonderful access to area biking trails. Suzanne simply exits its perimeter road, crosses Ryder Cup Blvd., and pedals onto the trail. One direction leads to North Lake, the other to PGA. Devonshire is a 28-acre gated community within the 2,340-acre gated community of PGA Naitonal, which means safe passage for walkers, bikers, and all.

Suzanne usually heads to PGA to meet up with friends. Every Saturday they bike to Juno Beach for breakfast at the Hurricane Café.

Suzanne also pursues other sports.

Four days a week, by 8 a.m. she’s playing tennis at PGA National Resort & Spa, no dues required. She gave up her PGA charter membership in favor of Devonshire’s corporate membership privileges there. 

Suzanne plans to resume golfing there too. “I’ll take it up again for fun as a backup sport when I’m no longer able to run around the tennis court,” she says. 

Fellow biker

When she moved to Devonshire three years ago, Suzanne was its lone biker.  Now new residents, like Irwin Isert, have brought their bikes. 

Irwin and his wife moved last year from Boca Raton. Because her uncle and aunt live at Devonshire, the Iserts had visited many times and felt comfortable there. 

They liked the area and appreciated clubhouse amenities such as the swimming pool, movie theater, and valet services.

Irwin also likes the maintenance-free lifestyle. 

In Boca Raton, he handled homeowner maintenance and did the lawn and swimming pool chores. At Devonshire, the engineering and grounds crews handle those responsibilities. 

So Irwin’s time is his own. And his tai chi classes, strength training, and haircuts are as close as a hallway walk from the Iserts’ apartment to the clubhouse. 

He does bike but not as often as he thinks he should. Devonshire has a reputation for spoiling its members, and Irwin admits, “I’ve gotten a little lazy here.” He usually rides to Mirabella at Mirasol, about 9 miles round trip.

His less physical pursuit is photography. Irwin photographs his neighbors and Devonshire’s events to show his family members.

What he likes most about Devonshire is the camaraderie. Irwin regularly gathers with a group of buddies for the complimentary breakfasts in Devonshire’s Verandah Restaurant. When the group scatters, he table-hops to sit with other friends.

See for yourself

Schedule a visit to Devonshire to experience that same spirit of friendliness. While you’re there, ask about the bike trails, browse the events calendar, and tour the expanded 65,000-square-foot clubhouse and the largest independent living apartment homes in southeast Florida. 

If resort-style living appeals to you and you don’t mind being spoiled, you’ll find what you desire at Devonshire.