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One of a kind

Open-concept floor plan creates functional, spacious home in Bucks County

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July 10th, 2017
Libby and Bud Blank stand in the living room of their one-of-kind apartment home at Ann’s Choice where they display many of the art pieces collected during their travels.

The living room of Libby and Bud Blank’s one-of-kind apartment home at Ann’s Choice displays many of the art pieces collected during their travels.

Two years ago, after dining at Ann’s Choice with friends who lived there, Libby and Bud Blank decided to move from their 2,400-square-foot house of 56 years in Feasterville, Pa., to Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County.

“We were so impressed by the surroundings, the meal, and our friends’ experience of living there,” says Libby. “We joined the priority list because we thought it would take three years for our choice of apartment homes to become available.”

They had chosen an extra-large floor plan. But in no time, Ann’s Choice’s sales counselor told them about an especially large apartment home under construction, a combination of two smaller ones.

People were ahead on the list. “But,” said the sales counselor, “if they aren’t interested, are you?”

“Absolutely!” the Blanks responded.

Recreating home

They toured the combo early on before some walls came down and others went up. But they could visualize the finished product. So, after other list members turned it down, the Blanks reserved it.

Each combo is unique. They’re only constructed when two adjacent and compatible apartment styles become available. 

The Blanks’ open-concept apartment home features two 12-foot walls, just perfect for the cabinets the couple had placed along a 24-foot wall that spanned their former dining and living rooms.

Art pieces from their travels decorate the couple’s walls.

“Everything we wanted to bring, furniture-wise, has a place to fit,” says Libby. “We essentially created our former home here.”

At their expense, the Blanks added one custom touch, a half-height wall between the living and dining rooms. From the foyer through the trendsetting kitchen, TV-viewing area, and dining and living rooms, the layout functions as a bright, airy, and free-flowing loft.

When the Blanks’ three sons visit, there’s plenty of room to move around. 

Different responsibilities, priorities

“We were so pleased we invited the sales team in to see the results,” Libby says. “From day one, we’ve been in love with Ann’s Choice.”

Even Bud, who previously pursued only solitary activities, found himself enamored of all Ann’s Choice has to offer. “I have no time for books anymore,” he says. “I only have time to read The Economist and the local paper.”

He joins the ROMEOs, Retired Old Men Enjoying Themselves, at their monthly breakfast meetings, and also belongs to the Torah and Yiddish clubs. 

He also calls bingo. With tongue in cheek, Bud, who holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and juggled multiple responsibilities in his corporate career, says calling bingo is his biggest responsibility now.

Together, he and Libby help choose films for the Sunday night movies. And they attend Ann’s Choice Lifelong Learning Academy lectures by professors and other experts in the campus performing arts center. “Oh, do we love that!” Libby says.   

She volunteers at Treasure Chest, the campus thrift shop, and also maintains her ties to her Feasterville friends.

Although the Blanks have been members of the Kimmel Center for nearly 30 years, next season they’ll buy their tickets through Ann’s Choice’s Trips and Travel group and ride with their neighbors in safety and comfort on one of the campus buses.

“Ann’s Choice makes life so much easier,” says Libby. “They take care of what’s important.”