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Real answers, real life

Community members answer your questions about life at Ann’s Choice

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July 10th, 2017
Clarence Good, a resident ambassador at Ann’s Choice, belongs to the Silent Flyers, a campus club for remote-controlled plane hobbyists. Here he displays his latest project.

Clarence Good, a resident ambassador at Ann’s Choice, belongs to the Silent Flyers, a campus club for remote-controlled plane hobbyists. Here he displays his latest project.

The best way to see what Ann’s Choice is like is to schedule an appointment and personal tour with the sales office or to attend a complimentary sales event or open house. 

Likewise, the best way to learn what it’s really like to reside at Erickson Living’s community in Bucks County, Pa., is to talk with someone who already lives there, someone like Clarence Good or Mimi Travis, who are members of Ann’s Choice’s ambassador corps. 

Clarence and his wife Betty Lou moved from Rehoboth Beach, Del., eight years ago. Mimi has lived at Ann’s Choice since 2015. Both are deeply involved in the life of the community, so they’re adept at answering whatever questions a visitor might ask.

Being an ambassador comes with responsibilities. “Your job is to answer questions truthfully about what life here is all about,” says Clarence. “I’m a very active guy, and I’ve done a larger variety of things here than most residents. I enjoy fielding questions in an honest way, not saying something I think people want to hear but something that is genuine.”

Trading pleasures, not your lifestyle

Although the Goods knew no one when they moved, they quickly adapted to Ann’s Choice’s vibrant lifestyle. 

Clarence currently participates in bridge, cycling, horseshoes, bocce, the Silent Flyers’ remote-controlled airplane club, and the woodshop. He also plays music with an evening sing-along group. 

As a former Resident Advisory Council member, he also knows how the management structure works.

And he understands, because he’s been there, that deciding to move is a big decision.

“So many people try to convince themselves that life is fine just as it is,” Clarence says. “They try to convince themselves they shouldn’t move.” 

Although the Goods gave up boats and waterfront pleasures when they moved from their house to live closer to their sons, Clarence also gave up the hard work of maintaining that home and yard. 

“You don’t replace your pleasures with the same things at Ann’s Choice,” Clarence says, “but you replace them with something of equal or greater value—the accessibility to everything right on campus.” 

You can choose from more than 150 campus activity groups and clubs ranging from ACTV, Ann’s Choice’s in-house television station, to the model railroad club. You can do your banking, get your hair trimmed or styled, and pick up a prescription or a loaf of bread right on site. You can enjoy the cooked-to-order Signature Dining experience in five campus restaurants and stay fit at the campus fitness and aquatics center.

The community’s security team of EMTs responds to emergencies in under two minutes, and Ann’s Choice’s staff physicians, who practice in the on-site medical center, provide care exclusively to community members. There’s even a rehabilitation and continuing care neighborhood on site. 

Ultimately, at Ann’s Choice Clarence traded some of his activities but not his active lifestyle. 

A more meaningful life

Mimi Travis loved her life in Center City Philadelphia. She didn’t own a car because both her job and the city’s cultural riches were around the corner or down the street.

Something was lacking, however, but she didn’t know what it was until she moved to Ann’s Choice. 

Mimi had few friends and involvements before. Now she has friends all across campus and participates in a wide variety of activities.

“Ann’s Choice is a different type of living,” she says. “Before, I lived in an apartment and people kept to themselves. Here, I’m volunteering, and I love it! I didn’t volunteer before I moved here. Ann’s Choice changed my life and added so much meaning to it.”

Among her nine volunteer commitments is service on the community’s Resident Advisory Council; its members maintain constant communication with the various campus departments and ongoing interaction with their Ann’s Choice neighbors. 

Mimi’s enthusiasm for the life she lives now bubbles over when she talks with visitors. Her joy is contagious, as if she can scarcely believe her good fortune. 

“I can walk the complex indoors because all the buildings are connected by climate-controlled hallways and enclosed bridges,” she begins. “I don’t have to shovel snow. The grounds are beautiful and well taken care of. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful too.”

At sales events, guests ask her if the food is as good every day as it is at the events. “I tell them the food is extremely good, and I don’t have to shop, prepare, cook, or clean up after any meal,” Mimi says.

She tells people to ask her anything because they’ll be asking the same questions she did. 

“When they ask if I’m happy and if I made the right decision,” Mimi adds, “I say, ‘Yes!’”