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Facebook page a one-stop shop for everything Linden Ponds

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July 10th, 2017
A screenshot of the Linden Ponds Facebook page, showing a post and photos about a resident’s flying lessons.

Last October, Linden Ponds launched its Facebook page, which is a great source for information and updates about the community.

Social media sites like Facebook may have started as a place for teenagers and college kids to share photos and updates about their lives, but these days young people aren’t the only ones logging onto the uber-popular social networking site. In fact, older adults are one of the fastest-growing segments of new Facebook users.

According to a 2016 Pew Research Center study, 62% of online adults over age 65 now use Facebook. That figure has increased six percentage points from late 2014, when 56% of online adults over age 65 used Facebook.

People of all ages find Facebook useful not only for sharing photos and connecting with faraway friends and family but also for catching up on news and learning more about companies and organizations of interest to them. 

Making connections

Keeping pace with the most current ways that people communicate and connect with one another, Erickson Living has jumped on the bandwagon and launched a Facebook page. It serves as a place for current residents and staff members to connect. It also provides prospective residents with a unique glimpse at the communities, their amenities, and the many vibrant people who live and work at them. 

“The Facebook page has two goals: awareness and connection,” says Erin Vernon, social media program manager at Erickson Living. “Through Facebook, we aim to increase engagement and interaction among residents, prospective residents, employees, and family members. There are 19 Erickson Living communities located in 11 states. Facebook provides the perfect venue to showcase the lifestyle we offer and to invite everyone to connect and come together.” 

People interested in learning more about Erickson Living communities can garner information from various sources. They can attend events on the campuses and schedule individual appointments and tours with the sales counselors. 

Now, Vernon says, the Erickson Living Facebook page is one more place for them to get honest and candid information.

“Consumers are always more interested in what other customers have to say,” says Vernon. “Residents, employees, family members, and industry partners regularly chime in on the conversations. Our residents and employees are the stars of Erickson Living, and our Facebook fans love hearing about them.” 

Everything Linden Ponds

In addition to Erickson Living’s Facebook page, Linden Ponds, an Erickson Living campus located in Hingham, Mass., debuted its own Facebook page in October 2016 ( 

Dani Baldassare, communications manager for Linden Ponds, serves as administrator of the page. She says Linden Ponds’ Facebook page serves as a communications tool to share photos of and stories about residents and staff members, making it a great way for people to get a real sense of what it is like to live or work at the community. 

“If you want to learn about the over 190 resident groups at Linden Ponds, events happening at the community, or learn more about job opportunities here, the Linden Ponds Facebook page is a great resource for all of those and a whole lot more,” Baldassare says. 

Connie Graham, one of the many tech-savvy retirees living at Linden Ponds, joined Facebook several years ago before she moved there. But she says she uses the social networking site even more now. 

Connie follows several news sites on Facebook, so logging on is an easy way to stay up to date on current affairs. She also frequently visits Linden Ponds’ Facebook page simply to check on what’s happening at the community. 

Many of her Linden Ponds neighbors are also on Facebook, so the site provides one more way to connect with friends. 

“I love seeing all the family info that is posted by my friends, both before Linden Ponds and since moving here,” Connie says. “The birthday reminders are a real positive.”