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From moving with ease to easy living

A personal touch can offer more than all the moving apps combined

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August 28th, 2017
Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg meets with prospective residents in their home, armed with a magnetic floor plan of their new apartment at Wind Crest.

Wind Crest Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg.


When it comes to moving, you can find apps that will keep you organized through packing, painting, and moving. 

But how do you keep all those apps organized? And what happens if you’re not app or tech savvy? 

Wind Crest Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg is like your own walking, talking resource of all the apps out there related to moving and decorating. With a deeply personal touch, she recommends trusted and vetted real estate agents, movers, senior move managers, and other vendors to people moving to the Highlands Ranch, Colo., Erickson Living community.

Think outside the box

Brandenburg visits people interested in moving to Wind Crest in their current homes to learn exactly how they use their space and find the perfect apartment style at the Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo. 

She helps with room design, furniture placement, and downsizing.

And not only does Brandenburg give people moving to Wind Crest a list of trusted resources, she gives them peace of mind.

Libby Bortz and Michael Altenberg, who will move to Mt. Rosa Court in May, found Brandenburg’s services “invaluable.” 

“Beth was able to come to our home and provide a service that was invaluable. And not only does she provide an invaluable service, she does it with a brain, a heart, and a soul. She listens so well, and out of that she extracted what we wanted and what was possible with the apartment,” Libby says.

They also learned an important lesson along the way: “My husband, who was a structural engineer, was working on the floor plan, and he thought he could do it without anybody’s help. When she left, he said, ‘[Brandenburg] is so skilled and so remarkable in terms of her professional abilities,’” says Libby.

Using her large magnetic floor plan and hundreds of to-scale furniture magnets, she showed Libby and Michael how to think outside the box and make the most of their living and storage space.  

“Michael thought he figured it out, but the difference was, Beth has these magnetic pieces in an enormous variety of sizes, and she could take them and place them and show that we could fit additional furniture in where we didn’t think we could fit,” Libby says. “She was able to see beyond what his skills provided. She has specific training but also that magnetic board. It’s wonderful.”

Humor and heart

“It is never too soon to create a plan of action,” says Brandenburg. “When I meet with you in your home, I can assist you with downsizing and discuss my vetted top-producing preferred real estate agents.”

Brandenburg says it’s all very informal—no need to tidy up before her arrival. And she leaves a list of next steps and vendor resources’ contact information so her clients feel prepared and at ease with the moving process. 

“Beth gave us some important advice. She said that as much as you’ve pared down, once you move in you will still find that you have more than you need,” Libby says. “She said it with both humor and heart, as well as her special abilities.”

Michael has enjoyed slimming down his closet, and they both look forward to life at Wind Crest. They’ve already made friends with future neighbors, whose sentiments about Brandenburg echo their own.

“I speak with everyone about Beth,” Libby says. “For example, we happened to be out with two people who live at Wind Crest and used her services, and they both spoke about how great she is. 

“Beth is a tremendous asset.”



Moving? There’s an app for that

Organize packing

Moving Planner – Create moving checklists from more than 210 preloaded items.

Sortly Home Move Pro – Create a visual inventory of everything you pack.

Home Move Pro – Organize your move with written and audio notes, and photos of packed items.

Moving Guru – Create task lists and get packing tips.

Prepare for the move

Buddytruk – Find a local driver and truck to move large items like a mattress, recliner, or anything else.

MoveMatch – Calculate the weight and volume of your belongings, find a professional local mover, and make a list of where each item should go in your new home.

Settle in

BrightNest – Create a personalized to-do list for your home, and home improvement and organization tips.

Paint My Place – Take a photo of any room, then experiment with different color palettes before using the real thing.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas – Get inspired by a massive home design database full of ideas and resources.

Houzz Sketch – Create room designs, mood boards, and floor plans by adding products, photos, measurements, notes, stickers, and more to your Sketch. Then create a shopping list of your products and share with anyone.

The best app... “The Beth app!” – Who needs an app when you have Personal Moving Consultant Beth Brandenburg at your service! Beth will coordinate every aspect of your move to your new home at Wind Crest so you don’t have to. Call 1-800-710-2374 to find out more.