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The value of a collectibles consultant

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August 24th, 2017
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Nine times out of ten, [a collectibles assets consultant] finds something of value in a client's home.

Do you have jewelry that’s been in your family for years? How about a coin collection or a lamp that your grandmother swore was Tiffany? If you have family heirlooms or other unique items that might be of value, you may want to consider meeting with a collectibles consultant. 

When to meet with a collectibles assets buyer, broker, and consultant 

Many home sellers hold an estate sale in order to downsize before moving. During an estate sale, the entire contents of a home are typically put up for sale. While this can be an effective way to clear out a high volume of belongings quickly, some items are unique and may warrant a closer look. This is where a collectibles consultant comes in. 

What to look for in a collectibles consultant

A reputable collectible consultant can determine the value of your items. He or she can also handle their purchase and eventual sale. This saves you extra steps and extra stress. Always use a professional collectibles consultant. For example, here at Highland Springs [an Erickson Living community in Dallas, Tex.], I work with an experienced and trusted collectible assets buyer, broker, and consultant who has a vast network of buyers. Nine times out of ten, he finds something of value in a client’s home.

What items should I show to a collectibles consultant?

Your belongings don’t have to be expensive to have value. One of my clients owned a collection of pennies that turned out to be worth $7,200! That said, the younger generation isn’t as interested in generational items like china or crystal, so it’s important to set reasonable expectations. A few of the items you may want to show to a collectibles consultant include jewelry, family heirlooms, and items of historic value, such as World War II or sports memorabilia.