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Woman in the wood shop

Bunny Scott takes lifelong hobby to the next level

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August 29th, 2017
Bunny Scott spends her afternoons in Seabrook’s on-site, fully equipped wood shop repairing and refinishing furniture for her neighbors.

Bunny Scott spends her afternoons in Seabrook’s on-site, fully equipped wood shop repairing and refinishing furniture for her neighbors.


For Bunny Scott, the wood shop at Seabrook is a dream come true. 

At her duplex in Ocean Grove, she refinished furniture in a makeshift basement work area equipped with a few hand tools. Since moving to the Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J., she’s been sanding, sawing, and staining to her heart’s content in the fully equipped on-site wood shop. 

“I always worked with wood and had a bunch of kids, so when they would bring home something they found, I would refinish it. I was thrilled when I saw they had a wood shop here [at Seabrook],” Bunny says. 

She notes she’s not the first woman to make herself at home in the community’s wood shop. Others before her have paved the way, and the men have welcomed her with open arms. 

“I have to say, the guys here are just so supportive and so helpful. They introduce me to all the tools, which are more than I ever saw, and they have been very welcoming.”

Three reasons to move

Bunny’s handiwork served her well when she lived in a house in Ocean Grove and rented out the top floor. But she was getting tired of the upkeep and wanted to spend her time on things she enjoys. 

“I did all the work, and it got to be too much,” she says. 

She chose Seabrook for three main reasons. 

First, she didn’t want to move twice. As a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), Seabrook enables Bunny to live independently in her apartment and be as active as she wants. Should her health change, all levels of care are available on campus, including home support, assisted living, memory care, and long-term care. 

Second, having lived in nearby Ocean Grove, she’s familiar with the area. 

Third, thanks to Seabrook’s maintenance-free lifestyle, she can spend her time refinishing furniture, using the fitness center, and volunteering with the Catholic community instead of maintaining her house. 

An affordable monthly service package wraps all of her living expenses into one, convenient, fixed payment. It includes utilities, home maintenance, property taxes, 24/7 security, a flexible meal plan, use of campus amenities, and the cost of her apartment home. 

She chose an extra-large one-bedroom, one-bath Ellicott floor plan—an open design with just the right amount of living space with no extra rooms to clutter or clean.

“It’s the best decision I’ve made. It is a great place, and everybody is so welcoming and helpful,” Bunny says. “There’s something here to do, whatever your desires are, and if a group doesn’t exist, you can start one. But there’s no pressure to have to do something. That was important to me.”

Preserving memories

Word’s gotten out about Bunny’s refinishing skills, and she’s been busier than ever. 

“There seems to be more than enough people who want something refinished. When there was an article about me in Shore Lines [Seabrook’s resident newsletter], I was swamped,” she says.

But she doesn’t mind. “I’ve done a few other things, but refinishing furniture is my love,” she says. “You get a piece of furniture that you know is good but it’s really messed up, and you give it back looking great. That’s a reward in itself. And wood is just so nice to work with.”

From bedside stands and end tables to dressers and chairs, Bunny repairs the furniture, then sands and stains it. While she has worked with paint, she says staining is more rewarding. 

“I love seeing the beautiful wood underneath,” she says. “It’s always nice to give them something back. Most of this stuff is old, which means it has a lot of memories with it.”