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‘Always my constant’

Kyleen Farrell exemplifies the career opportunities at Linden Ponds

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October 13th, 2017
Kyleen Farrell, who started working at Linden Ponds in 2008 as a student server, was recently named recruitment/human resources coordinator.

Kyleen Farrell, who started working at Linden Ponds in 2008 as a student server, was recently named recruitment/human resources coordinator. 


Many companies say they are committed to retaining and promoting employees, but at Linden Ponds, that commitment isn’t just lip service. It’s common for staff members to work up through the ranks, and when people demonstrate a talent or a passion for a certain aspect of their job, management takes notice and gives them opportunities to grow professionally. 

That was definitely the case for Kyleen Farrell.

Up the ladder

She started working at the Hingham, Mass., Erickson Living community in 2008, when she was just 16 years old, as a server in one of the on-site restaurants. She was then promoted to service coach in Dining Services and eventually became the assistant dining manager at Linden Ponds’ Overlook Restaurant. 

She also worked in the Resident Life department as a community resources coordinator and in General Services as a coordinator. 

Most recently, Farrell was named recruitment/human resources coordinator at Linden Ponds. 

“We want our employees to grow and try new career opportunities, and Kyleen is a perfect example of someone who has done just that at Linden Ponds,” says Kathryn Murphy, director of human resources. “Kyleen has been a tremendous partner with the human resources team with the hiring of students. She did a great job recruiting, so we are thrilled to have her join the human resources team at Linden Ponds.”

 In her new role, Farrell is responsible for hiring new student wait staff and assisting team members with hiring for other positions. She’s the first person people meet when they come to Linden Ponds for a job interview, and she’ll also become a member of the community’s values committee. 

“I’m hoping my background in hospitality will come in handy, making people feel welcome and excited for an opportunity to work here,” Farrell says. 

Feels like home

Like many people who live and work at Linden Ponds, Farrell says the best thing about the community is the people. She’s enjoyed getting to know residents over the years and hearing their stories, and she says her coworkers are like family to her. 

While she couldn’t have predicted as a teenager back in 2008 that she’d still be working at Linden Ponds all these years later, Farrell says she’s not necessarily surprised either.

“I always felt a sense of ‘home’ when I was here,” she says. “No matter what I went through in life, Linden Ponds and the residents and staff were always there. It was always my constant, so I am not surprised I am still here.”

Farrell says she doesn’t necessarily have a long-term plan for her career set in stone at this point. She would like to continue her education, and more than anything, she plans to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and then see where they take her. She says she never imagined working in human resources but has discovered that she truly enjoys it, so she’s open to many professional possibilities.

“I’m good at leading,” she says. “I like to make people feel appreciated, and I like to share my gifts, my knowledge with others and hope they will, in turn, do the same for me.”

Farrell loves hosting get-togethers and says her house in Rockland, Md., is usually the gathering spot for her group of friends. She also enjoys cooking and kayaking with her boyfriend. 

“People are usually surprised to find out that I live alone because I am a people person, and I am always around people,” she says. “I really enjoy going home after a long day and being by myself and reading or watching TV. That’s really how I wind down.”