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On the fast track

Two ways to get your house ready to sell quickly

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October 11th, 2017
Anna Greves

Greenspring Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves.


When Greenspring announced a limited number of new, custom, two-bedroom Lincoln- and Vienna-style apartment homes, the sales office buzzed with activity. 

“What we hear most is, ‘This is terrific news. I thought I’d have to wait years for a large apartment home. I want to move as soon as possible. How can I make that happen?’” says Sales Counselor Sheila Willing. “The answer is, ‘Anna Greves, our personal moving consultant.’”

Each Erickson Living community has its own local personal moving consultant who provides complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs, including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selection of a real estate professional. Greves works daily with people eager to trade home maintenance for a new life at Greenspring.

To help those looking to sell their homes as soon as possible, Greves offers this advice:

Yes, you can sell in the fall and winter

Contrary to popular belief, the fall and winter months are a great time to sell a house. Each fall and winter, I work with numerous people who are able to sell their homes for full asking price, despite the change in the weather. The current real estate market boasts low inventory coupled with low interest rates. That means there are qualified buyers looking for homes. 

Many people tend to think of the spring months as the best time to sell a home, but in fall, you’ll face less competition in the real estate market and see more serious home buyers.

During the fall and into the winter, there are still many potential buyers—those with job transfers due by the end of the year and those who may not have found the right house during the competition-filled spring and summer months.

A good outside first impression

A quick and easy way to help sell your house is to boost its curb appeal. With the changing of leaves, fall is a beautiful time of year if you keep up with some basic maintenance—keep the lawn raked, the driveway and walkways swept, and hedges and bushes trimmed. 

Sellers won’t mind the homey atmosphere of an autumn wreath or a pumpkin on your doorstep; just make sure they are in good condition, and keep holiday décor to a minimum. Once inside, potential buyers will appreciate well-lit rooms, even during the day. Keep your curtains open (wash your windows) and most lights on. 

As we head into the winter, your home’s outdoor appearance is still important. Remove any remaining leaves and autumn décor. Keep walkways free of snow and ice.

Lighting takes on new meaning as the days grow shorter. Inside your home, add a few cozy holiday touches, but keep them simple.