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A happening place

From cabaret evenings to casino nights, Devonshire is entertainment central

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October 12th, 2017
Community Resources Manager Irene Malanga (left) and assistant Jackie Kandel await the evening’s entertainment at a recent Cabaret event in Devonshire’s Stratford Performing Arts Center.

Community Resources Manager Irene Malanga (left) and assistant Jackie Kandel await the evening’s entertainment at a recent Cabaret event in Devonshire’s Stratford Performing Arts Center.


“Something exciting is always happening at Devonshire at PGA National,” says Irene Malanga. She should know.

Malanga, community resources manager at Erickson Living’s senior living community in Palm Beach Gardens, and her two assistants, Sarah Soetarto and Jackie Kandel, are always on the lookout for new and fun ideas to initiate.

Suggestions welcome

Many ideas come from members of the Devonshire Resident Council’s activities committee. Some, like the camera club, are suggested and led by community members. 

When community members began asking for art classes, Community Resources launched Arty Party.

Led by a professional art instructor, the group meets monthly in the newly created art room, located in Devonshire’s 65,000-square-foot clubhouse. 

Yoga classes and the current events group also meet in the art room.

“We’ll definitely be adding clay classes,” Malanga says, “and Chef’s Tip of the Month is held there too.” The art room boasts a sink and refrigerator, so it’s perfect for art- and cooking-themed projects.

Devonshire’s reputation for five-star cuisine has brought back a popular food-related activity: The resident council’s culinary committee is leading small-group tours of Devonshire’s kitchens.

Entertainment for every taste

Devonshire is renowned for its outstanding roster of live entertainment programs. Four nights a week, music radiates from Churchill Lounge, a popular pre-and post-dinner clubhouse gathering spot.

On Monday nights, the beautifully appointed and much larger clubhouse venue of Devonshire’s Stratford Performing Arts Center hosts premiere performers from fields such as music, dance, and even magic.

And at least four times a year in the Stratford, Devonshire presents its lauded cabaret events, evenings highlighted by specially created superb cuisine
and Broadway-quality entertainment. 

Climate-controlled hallways connect the clubhouse to each of Devonshire’s residence buildings. So regardless of the venue or the weather, at evening’s end, people simply stroll home to their comfortable and well-appointed apartments. 

Besides providing on-site entertainment, Community Resources serves as a mini box office for the area’s cultural venues.

“Devonshire community members love the performing arts,” says Malanga. “We’re big supporters of community theater.” 

Each April she purchases a year’s worth of tickets for the Maltz Performing Arts Center, Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, The Wick Theatre, and Palm Beach Dramaworks. Not only do community members pay discount prices and get better seats, but they can ride the Devonshire coach with their neighbors to attend the performances. 

Devonshire celebrates everything

From Rosh Hashanah dinners and Christmas tree-trimming parties to monthly birthday celebrations and holiday barbecues, no special event goes unheralded or unobserved at Devonshire.

Community Resources hosts an annual Ladies Day celebration each May and a Men’s Club luncheon and lecture every month.

Malanga says a monthly “dinner out” program to new or trendy area restaurants always has a waiting list. 

And this August Devonshire community members enjoyed Casino Night, a clubhouse event featuring professional tables, and professional dealers. 

At a recent Hobby Day event community members and staff displayed their collections, talents, and hobbies. Artists and art patrons, sculptors, writers, and photographers are among the creative people who live and work at Devonshire.

Malanga and her staff love what they do, and it shows.

A joyful buzz of conversation and laughter flows into the hallway each day as people drop by the Community Resources office to chat with Soetarto. 

Malanga and Kandel are on hand for every big event and help out wherever there’s a need. Want more coffee? They’ll find a pot and pour you some. Looking forward to mingling over cocktails with your neighbors? Community Resources has everything in hand.

That attentive attitude pervades Devonshire. It’s why community members and staff alike describe Devonshire as one big family.