From moving with ease to easy living

From moving with ease to easy living

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October 13th, 2017
Personal Moving Consultant Jennifer Kohan helped George Russo with most of his moving needs.

Personal Moving Consultant Jennifer Kohan helped George Russo with most of his moving needs.


When it comes to moving, you can find apps that will keep you organized through packing, painting, and even making new friends. 

But how do you keep all those apps organized? And what happens if you’re not app or tech savvy? 

Personal Moving Consultant Jennifer Kohan is like your own walking, talking resource of all the apps out there related to moving and decorating. With a deeply personal touch, she recommends trusted real estate agents, movers, senior move managers, and other vendors. 

One-stop shop

Kohan visits people interested in moving to Lantern Hill in their current home to learn exactly how they use their space and find the perfect apartment style at the Erickson Living community in New Providence, N.J. 

She helps with room design, furniture placement, and downsizing.

And not only does Kohan give people moving to Lantern Hill a list of trusted resources, she also gives them peace of mind.

Kohan helped Joan Seibert scale down without stressing out when Joan moved to Lantern Hill last August. 

“Jenn came out to my condo and looked around. She had her scale floor plan, and we decided what would work best for me. I pretty much followed what she suggested. It’s worked out very nicely. Luckily for me, everything fell into place with everybody’s help,” Joan says. 

Creative use of space

Kohan also helped George Russo with all things moving from his house of 53 years in Union.

She recommended a real estate agent, suggested home updates to increase selling power, and helped him plan furniture placement in his new two-bedroom apartment with den at Lantern Hill.

With Kohan’s help, he decided to use the floor plan’s second bedroom as his den and set up the original “den” as an office. 

“It’s worked out very nicely. The furniture I wanted to bring fit nicely in my den, and I was able to have a comfortable office with a rolltop desk and a computer desk,” George says.

Despite downsizing and bringing some substantial furniture, he says he has plenty of space. 

“I can use my office as an office,” he says. “I have space to move around. I use it for my bills and filing of papers that I need for income tax purposes. It’s handy. Anything I need, I know is in my office. I was able to maintain it the same as in my own home before moving here.” 

“Sometimes people get hung up on the labels on the floor plan. I help them think outside the box, to realize they may not need the largest apartment home we offer—that if they repurpose rooms, they have a more efficient use of space,” Kohan says.

The best part is, neither Joan nor George had to think much about it. Kohan did the heavy lifting, and they got to enjoy the ride, settling into their new home and making important decisions along the way.



Moving? Hear are some online tools to help

Find a mover, organize packing

Moving Planner – Create moving checklists from more than 210 preloaded items.

Sortly Home Move Pro – Create a visual inventory of everything you pack.

Home Move Pro – Organize your move with written and audio notes, and photos of packed items.

Moving Guru – Create task lists and get packing tips.


Prepare for the move

Buddytruk – Find a local driver and truck to move large items like a mattress, recliner, or anything else.

MoveMatch – Calculate the weight and volume of your belongings, find a professional local mover, and make a list of where each item should go in your new home.


Settle in

BrightNest – Create a personalized to-do list for your home, and home improvement and organization tips.

Paint My Place – Take a photo of any room, then experiment with different color palettes before using the real thing.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas – Get inspired by a massive home design database full of ideas, resources, and local vendors.

Houzz Sketch – Create room designs, mood boards, and floor plans by adding products, photos, measurements, notes, stickers, and more to your Sketch. Then create a shopping list of your products and share with anyone.

The best app…
…is “The Jenn App!”
–  Who needs an app when you have Personal Moving Consultant Jennifer Kohan at your service! Jenn will coordinate every aspect of your move to your new home at Lantern Hill so you don’t have to. Call 1-800-989-4951 to find out more.