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Annual garden promenade celebrates community beauty

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October 13th, 2017
Resident Emelia Smith showed off the fruits of her labor at Linden Ponds’ Annual Garden Promenade.

Resident Emelia Smith showed off the fruits of her labor at Linden Ponds’ Annual Garden Promenade. 


Everything was turning up roses over the summer at Linden Ponds. In July, the community hosted more than 130 guests for its Annual Garden Promenade. 

Attendees, who include community members as well as prospective residents and their families, get to tour the one-acre gardens where green-thumbed residents grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 

When people move to Linden Ponds, many don’t have to give up the garden they had at their former house. At Linden Ponds, community members can reserve their own garden space, where they can grow their favorite crops and decorate to show off their personalities. 

Creative interpretation

For example, one garden has a charming birdhouse while another has lush vines climbing a trellis. Some residents dedicate their gardens to one type of plant, such as one vibrant patch that is covered in raspberry bushes. Others grow colorful mixes of flowers and vegetables. 

As Garden Promenade guests strolled through the gardens, they enjoyed refreshments and listened to live music performed by the Linden Ponds Singers, led by community member Lo Steele. 

As is customary, all female guests received an oversized hat decorated with flowers. 

After the garden tours, guests enjoyed a luncheon with Linden Ponds residents, who shared personal experiences about living at the community and answered prospective residents’ questions. 

“This is an event that brings together residents and visitors. Guests also got a close-up view of the construction happening at Willard Square, Linden Ponds’ ninth residence building, says Sales Director Chrissy Hansen. “The new seven-story building will add 104 new independent living apartment homes to the community. Along with new, open floor plans, Willard Square will also feature additional common area spaces to accommodate the growing number of resident activities and clubs.”