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Pampered and practical

Devonshire’s design ensures year-round comfort

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October 12th, 2017
Devonshire’s clubhouse living room presents an inviting and elegant place to sit and chat.

Devonshire’s clubhouse living room presents an inviting and elegant place to sit and chat.


People who avoid Florida during the hot and hurricane-prone summer season haven’t discovered Devonshire, Erickson Living’s senior living community in Palm Beach Gardens.

Besides its pampered lifestyle, Devonshire offers important practical benefits. 

While hurricane preparedness is always top of mind at Devonshire, the community is not located in a hurricane evacuation area or in a flood zone. Devonshire community members have never had to evacuate.   

The community is weatherproof in other ways too.

Its 65,000-square-foot clubhouse boasts five distinct restaurants, each of which features fresh and creative world-class cuisine. But dining in in the clubhouse or enjoying cocktails in the lounge is as simple as strolling down the hall. 

Community members need never venture out in blistering heat or on damp cold days because climate-controlled hallways and bridges connect the clubhouse to Devonshire’s three residence buildings.

An inside stroll also takes people to Devonshire’s on-site activities or back home after a late-night clubhouse event. 

Clubhouse amenities include a fitness center, bank, library, intimate theater, and the impressive Stratford Performing Arts Center. There are also rooms for card playing, billiards, and arts and crafts. 

Devonshire community members also have corporate privileges at PGA National Resort and Spa.

As you plan your next trip to Florida, arrange to discover the Devonshire difference for yourself. 

Call the sales office, 1-800-442-7650, to schedule an appointment and tour with Sales Director Donna Schneider.

You’ll come away deciding Devonshire is the perfect year-round place to live.