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Staying in touch

Two-way communication is key at Tallgrass Creek

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October 12th, 2017
Tallgrass Creek Sales Director Blake Marshall acts out the term “ear wax” for his team in a lively game of charades during a recent Exec Connect gathering.

Tallgrass Creek Sales Director Blake Marshall acts out the term “ear wax” for his team in a lively game of charades during a recent Exec Connect gathering. 


The Sunflower Bistro rings with laughter when Exec Connect, one of Tallgrass Creek’s newest social activities, rolls around each month. Exec Connect is an always entertaining opportunity for community members and Tallgrass Creek’s management team to spend time together and have fun. 

The lively event takes place one evening a month and always includes a unique activity selected by the management team. The bar is open and candy is scattered around on tables where residents divide into teams to cheer on their particular “exec champion.” The group has enjoyed spirited games such as name that tune; charades; and sparring about sports, movie, and historical trivia. 

“We do some really funny stuff,” says Executive Director Jean Landreville, laughing after a recent evening of charades. “It’s usually a little rambunctious and a lot of fun.”

Getting the 4-1-1

Aside from Exec Connect, Tallgrass Creek’s management team hosts several events to ensure good communication with residents. 

Landreville frequently enjoys one-on-one sessions with residents in her “Java with Jean” coffee klatches. To accommodate as many people as possible, she hosts two gatherings on consecutive days in the community’s Cottonwood Room. Everyone enjoys coffee and biscotti. 

Each Friday, Landreville also emails her resident newsletter A Week at the Creek—From Jean’s Desk. The newsletter answers questions, offers updates, and reports past and upcoming events. It is also available in hard copy at the front desk. More information comes from Tallgrass Creek’s in-house television station, which runs 24/7. 

Tallgrass Creek Dining Director Doug Ohliger knows that food and dining are important to everyone. He hosts frequent dining town halls where he shares what happens in and outside of Tallgrass Creek’s restaurant-grade kitchen and elicits community members’ suggestions. 

Executive Chef James Braddock invites residents to monthly “Dining With Donuts” get-togethers in the Sunflower Bistro, where he shares the latest about menu choices and cooking techniques. 

Community members enjoy coffee and freshly baked donuts as they pass around a microphone to share their opinions and ask questions.

From time to time, residents can also tour Tallgrass Creek’s kitchen, where they see how chefs prepare meals for hundreds of people each day. 

Ears wide open

Additionally, residents attend monthly town hall meetings in the community’s spacious clubhouse, where managers answer questions and offer community-wide updates. At year’s end, the management team hosts an annual meeting where they discuss budget and priorities for the upcoming year. 

Other departments at Tallgrass Creek, such as finance, medical, and general services, host their own town hall meetings, while new community members have the opportunity to get their many questions answered during introductory meetings with managers.   

“One of the most important things we do as a management team is keep the lines of communication wide open,” says Landreville. “We like to keep it interesting and have fun as that happens.”