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Taking the reins

David Taylor named Greenspring’s director of sales

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October 11th, 2017
Greenspring Sales Director David Taylor with his wife Meghan, son Gavin, and daughter Peyton.

Greenspring Sales Director David Taylor with his wife Meghan, son Gavin, and daughter Peyton.


Greenspring announces David Taylor as the Springfield, Va., Erickson Living community’s new director of sales. Since 2014, Taylor served as the sales and marketing director at Goodwin House in Alexandria, Va. 

Taylor began his career in 2010 as a sales and event associate at Greenspring. Due to his passion for those he serves, he quickly ascended to the position of sales manager. 

“We are so pleased to welcome David back to his Greenspring family,” says Executive Director Chandra Kumar. “His passion and caring for the happiness and satisfaction of each new resident is evident from the moment you meet him. His expertise and enthusiasm will help our dedicated sales team continue to support the many people wishing to call Greenspring their home.”

Taylor is happy to return.

“I missed Greenspring tremendously while I was gone,” Taylor says. “But the time away allowed me the opportunity to serve as a director of sales and marketing in the continuing care retirement community industry. I am thrilled to now bring that experience with me back to the place I consider home—Greenspring. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to lead the Greenspring sales team and look forward to building on their proven track record.”

Purposeful past

A graduate of James Madison University (JMU), Taylor earned a bachelor of science degree in communication studies with a minor in writing. While a student at JMU, Taylor met his future wife, Meghan. The two have been married for nine years and have two young children, Peyton (six months), and Gavin (two years). The couple lives just five minutes from Greenspring, in Springfield, Va. 

When not busy helping people move to Greenspring, Taylor’s favorite activity is anything that has to do with his children. He also loves to cook and spend time in the outdoors running, hiking, and going to the beach. 

“Children have an amazing way of showing you what really matters,” he says. “It is a lesson I bring with me to the office every day.”

Amidst plans for special events and meeting with prospective residents, Taylor and his team are diligent in making sure they are available to answer prospective residents’ questions, which is so important in the decision-making process.   

“Our bottom line is the happiness of the people who call Greenspring home,” he says. “Everything else is just icing on the cake.”

To help our readers get to know Taylor and the many ways he helps people make the move to Greenspring, the Tribune recently sat down with him and asked the following:

Tribune: As you take the lead in the sales office, what traits do you hope will define the sales team?

Taylor: In the office, we’re a small family. We value each other, and I hope everyone who walks in our office will sense that friendliness and enthusiasm. 

As a sales team, we walk alongside our potential and future residents with compassion. Each person on our sales team believes 100% in the Erickson Living lifestyle. Our role is to facilitate the move to Greenspring so people can really begin to embrace all that the community offers.

Tribune: What do you look forward to the most in your new position?

Taylor: I am excited to spend time with the residents and staff at Greenspring. They all played a key role in preparing me for this new opportunity. In just the few weeks since returning to Greenspring, I have reconnected with so many of the people I knew and enjoyed spending time with previously. 

To that same end, I am eager and energized by the opportunity to help new people make the move to Greenspring and begin sharing in the life of this wonderful community.

Tribune: What opportunities do people have to meet with you, and your sales team, in the coming months?

Taylor: The best way to learn about Greenspring is to schedule a visit. We are always available to meet with people eager to learn more about the Erickson Living lifestyle. There is never any pressure to make a decision. We want people to be comfortable with their decision and make the move only if it is right for them.

This month, our sales team will host the Health and Wellness Extravaganza on October 5. Our guests will enjoy an up-close look at residents’ homes and participate in helpful seminars on the various aspects of moving, as well as health- and fitness-related topics. 

And later in the year, we will celebrate alongside Greenspring’s priority list members at our annual holiday luncheon.