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According to plan

Pikesville woman finds community that meets needs now and for the future

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January 4th, 2018
Every apartment at Oak Crest comes with quick, easy access to dozens of amenities.

Every apartment at Oak Crest, including the two-bedroom, two-bath Hawthorne, comes with quick, easy access to dozens of amenities.

Some people fly by the seat of their pants. Others prefer to have a plan. Bonnie Plimack is the latter. So when she was ready to downsize from her 1,600-square-foot condominium, she wasn’t focused so much on the size of her next home as she was on having convenient access to services and amenities she could enjoy today and a support system for the future.  

“I lived in a nice condo—a two-bedroom with den—and I had wonderful friends and neighbors, but I just knew I needed something different. I needed a change in my life. I’m very active and independent, but I also want to be prepared for the future. I didn’t want my kids to ever worry about having to take care of me,” says Bonnie. 

A former nurse, Bonnie set her sights on Oak Crest, the Erickson Living community located in Parkville, Md., 17 miles from her condo in Pikesville. 

‘This one is for you’

“I knew about Erickson Living communities, and people kept telling me how great Oak Crest was. I wasn’t familiar with this side of town, but I visited the community and liked what I saw,” says Bonnie. “Once I made up my mind, my daughter came back with me to tour apartments. As soon as we saw this one, she said, ‘Mom, this one is for you.’”  

The two-bedroom, two-bath Hawthorne floor plan not only fit her budget but was the perfect size for Bonnie’s day-to-day needs with extra room to accommodate overnight guests. But the 87-acre campus she gained as an extension of her living space was the real selling point. 

“There is so much to do here. My apartment is near everything—the new pool and many of the amenities are right down the hall,” says Bonnie. “During the day, I’m out and about going to the library, taking a yoga class, or taking daytrips. The first time I went to yoga, I met someone who invited me to learn how to play pinochle. Now I play twice a week.”

Every apartment at Oak Crest comes with quick, easy access to dozens of amenities, including an on-site medical center, fitness center, indoor swimming pool, five restaurants, chapel, television studio, woodshop, salon, bank, as well as outdoor gardens, a lake, bocce courts, and walking trails. 

“I wouldn’t be doing many of the things I do now if I was still living in my condo because when it was cold or rainy I would just stay home. Here, everything is enclosed so I get where I want to go without going outside,” says Bonnie.

Home minus the headaches

Oak Crest Sales Counselor Melisa Batac helps prospective residents like Bonnie learn how moving to an Erickson Living community like Oak Crest gives them all the freedom they enjoyed in their home without the constant pressures of maintenance and upkeep. They also gain peace of mind in knowing they have a home for life. 

“There’s a misconception that the mere act of staying in your house makes you independent,” says Batac. “But in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. By eliminating all of the obstacles and limitations your house places on you, you’re free to pursue the things that matter and interest you most—whether that’s traveling the world, volunteering, or simply spending more time with your grandchildren.” 

Batac also stresses that just because you’re scaling back, don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll have to sacrifice the details that make your house your home. “When you choose an apartment at Oak Crest, the possibilities of how you design and decorate are limitless. Whether it’s crown molding, hardwood floors, custom painting, or granite countertops, the choices are endless,” she says. 

Bonnie says moving to Oak Crest has allowed her to continue her interests and ongoing relationships with friends she had before she moved, and has opened the door to new opportunities and friendships within the community itself. 

“I didn’t know a soul when I moved here, but I’ve met and made so many wonderful friends,” says Bonnie. 

And if you are on the fence about moving to Oak Crest, Bonnie offers this advice: “Don’t wait. If you wait until you are older, then you miss out on all of the things Oak Crest has to offer. There are so many activities and amenities here to keep you young and healthy. I couldn’t be happier with my move. I haven’t looked back since.”