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Ben and Ray

Comedic duo adds to the fun at Maris Grove

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February 19th, 2018
Maris Grove neighbors Ben Klempner (left) and Ray Capodilupo never stay serious for too long a time. Life is good and kidding around is fun.

Maris Grove neighbors Ben Klempner (left) and Ray Capodilupo never stay serious for too long a time. Life is good and kidding around is fun.


Remember Bob and Ray, the low-key but uproariously funny comedy team that kept audiences laughing from the 1940s through the 1980s?

Well, this past summer, Maris Grove, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Delaware County, Pa., gained a comedy team of its own when Ben Klempner, from Broomall, and Ray Capodilupo, from Yonkers, N.Y., moved to the community’s new Redwood Commons neighborhood.

From happenstance to happy-go-lucky 

Because weather and the circle of chairs in Redwood Commons’ courtyard beckoned them outside, new neighbors began gathering there. 

“The weather is what started the group,” says Ben. “It was nice to sit outside. As the weather warmed, we spent more time out there, and we struck up conversations as other people joined us.”

Given that Maris Grove is an especially friendly place, what began as a handful of strangers meeting by happenstance has grown to more than 20 regular participants.

Conversations are a fun free-for-all. “We’re open to any discussion,” says Ray. But his and Ben’s repartee keeps most discussions from getting too serious. 

“Ben has a great sense of humor,” Ray says. “I can play off of it, and he off of me.”

“We never get serious,” says Ben.

“We’re still working on solving the world’s problems,” adds Ray.

“We’re starting with Pennsylvania’s,” says Ben. 

The group has gained a reputation as an informal men’s club, but women are welcome and several routinely attend.

“They keep coming back because they want to know what we know,” quips Ray.

In fact, a woman led Ray to Maris Grove. His sister, Winnie Meyer, has lived there for seven years. As a widower with no children, Ray wanted a place that would care for him, should he need it, in the future. 

He also liked the idea of moving into a new campus neighborhood where everyone would be new together. 

The simpler life

Ben and his wife Lynne chose Maris Grove because what they’d learned and experienced during visits there suited them better than other retirement communities. “Even before we moved, we made some friends here, and we liked that,” says Ben. 

Maris Grove’s 90% refundable entrance deposit was another important benefit.

Actually, Ben says that Maris Grove has exceeded expectations. He has no homeowner chores to worry about because the maintenance team and grounds team take care of things inside and out. And meeting Ray has upped the fun quotient. 

Both men use the campus fitness center and are working with a personal trainer there. 

Ray also uses the campus pharmacy, and his doctor is a Maris Grove physician who practices in the on-site medical center. Those two conveniences plus the ability to get to all three clubhouses and five campus restaurants without ever going outside is a big plus during the winter.

Ray feels completely at home at his new address, a spacious one-bedroom, one-bath apartment whose open floor plan features a family room that flows between his expansive great room and his large and beautifully appointed kitchen. Ray purchases Maris Grove’s on-site housekeeping service to keep it spic and span.

“I’m very, very happy here,” Ray says.

Because the Klempners only recently downsized and moved, Ben gives this advice to people who want to live at Maris Grove but are overwhelmed by downsizing: yes, it can be challenging to downsize, but people moving to Maris Grove have the help and support of the sales team and recommended vendors through Erickson Realty and Moving Services.

“We used a recommended mover, and it was zip, zip, zip, and done,” says Ben. “The actual move was simple.”

Both he and Ray agree that life is better at Maris Grove.