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Living the life

A unique opportunity for Greenspring priority list members

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February 19th, 2018
Greenspring’s “Live the Life” suite allows priority list members to stay on campus and experience all the community offers, such as dining with residents and sampling the myriad activities.

Greenspring’s “Live the Life” suite allows priority list members to stay on campus and experience all the community offers, such as dining with residents and sampling the myriad activities.


“I’m so glad I joined the Greenspring priority list,” says Betty Van Matre, who moved to the sought-after Springfield, Va., community last August. “During my time as a priority list member, I attended many informational open houses and met with staff members. Everyone I met encouraged me to book a stay in the ‘Live the Life’ suite as a way of acclimating myself to life at the community.” 

As one of the many benefits of priority list membership, the Live the Life suite provides members the opportunity to live on campus for a designated period of time. During their stay, guests enjoy access to the same amenities and services as Greenspring community members. They are encouraged to select activities that interest them and attend a club meeting, join residents for dinner, relax in the spa, see a show, or work out in the fitness center.

“The sky is really the limit,” says Sales Counselor Sheila Willing. “The experience provides our future community members with the unique experience of real life at Greenspring. I encourage everyone I meet to take advantage of this special offering.”

A day in the life

Last April, after visiting several local retirement communities, Betty decided to schedule a stay in Greenspring’s Live the Life suite. 

“My stay in the suite solidified my decision,” she says. 

Prior to her scheduled visit, Betty was asked if she knew anyone already living at Greenspring and what activities or club meetings she was interested in attending.

“As soon as I arrived I was greeted warmly and escorted to the lovely suite,” says Betty. “I was given time to settle in and a booklet listing the many activities going on that day.” 

Betty opted to enjoy a swim in Greenspring’s all-season swimming pool, peruse the campus library, and shop in the market. 

“There were so many activities; I was very impressed,” says Betty. “At the two other communities I visited there were activities planned but no one participated. That was certainly not the case at Greenspring! Activity was everywhere. I am not a sedentary person. It was important to me to find a home where I could get involved and surround myself with people and activities.”

More than just a meal

During her stay, Betty enjoyed dining with Greenspring community members starting with lunch at the Potomac Café, which she shared with a couple she knew from her church.

“We had a very nice time, and I had the opportunity to speak candidly with people whose opinion I trust,” she says. “They had wonderful stories to share about their life at Greenspring and agreed with my view on the friendliness of the residents and the many opportunities for activity.”

For dinner, Betty was paired with a woman who recently moved to Greenspring. 

“When we arrived at the Woodland Skies Restaurant, the hostess suggested we join another couple for our meal,” says Betty. “By mere chance, this couple had also just moved in within the last few months. I was delighted. Their experiences were fresh in their memory, and we discussed everything about the moves. The thing that stuck with me the most is how they all said it was so much easier than they had thought.” 

Time to take action

Following her stay, Betty decided to make her move to Greenspring sooner rather than later. She reserved an extra-large, two-bedroom, one-bath, Harrison-style apartment home. Based on the advice she received from community members during her visit, Betty reached out to Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves for help preparing for her move.

“I was amazed at how much everyone did for me,” Betty says.

Greves gave Betty advice on which existing furniture pieces would complement her new home and recommended a trusted moving company. Betty took Greves’ advice and worked with Greenspring’s preferred movers, who completely packed her house and moved her into her new home. 

With their help, she moved to Greenspring in August, only four months after her stay in the Live the Life suite.

“By the end of my moving day, I could sleep in my own bed, and my apartment already looked like home,” she says. “I never could have done all of that myself, especially in such a short time frame.”

Reaping the rewards

Less than six months since arriving at Greenspring, Betty enjoys all the activities she witnessed during her overnight stay as a priority list member and more.

“I’m constantly amazed that this is my new life,” she says. “It is just wonderful.”

Betty frequently accompanies the special trips groups on their local excursions to destinations like Arena Stage, the Holiday Lights at Bull Run, and the Botanical Gardens. She’s joined the Late Bloomers, a gardening and landscaping club, and attends movies, concerts, and lectures.

“I’m thrilled with my new life and strongly advise anyone considering a move to Greenspring to take advantage of the Live the Life suite. From the friendly hellos to all the activity, my stay definitely made me certain that I would be comfortable here. That is a great gift and provides such peace of mind.”