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Made to order

Oak Crest’s Custom Interiors offers options to turn every apartment into a unique home

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February 19th, 2018
Custom Interiors Coordinator Angie Stiars works with Oak Crest community members to design the apartment home of their dreams.

Custom Interiors Coordinator Angie Stiars works with Oak Crest community members to design the apartment home of their dreams.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans move an average of 11.7 times during their lifetime. Each move represents a new opportunity to create a living space that reflects an individual’s unique tastes. 

Oak Crest, an Erickson Living community in Parkville, Md., features a Custom Interiors design center that offers a wide range of services to turn every apartment into a beautiful, unique home. 

Custom Interiors showcases a variety of upgrades and styles residents can choose from, including custom carpentry work; custom closets; new lighting; upgraded carpet, tile, or hardwood flooring; tile backsplashes; window treatments; and more. 

Design Coordinator Angie Stiars works with Oak Crest residents to bring their ideas to life. 

“My main goal is to help people create a functional and beautiful living space they can enjoy for years to come,” says Stiars. “To that end, we offer the latest trends such as quartz and Corian countertops, barn doors, accent walls featuring decorative tile or shiplap, contemporary flooring options, and even modifications to the apartment floor plan itself.”    

Ordinary to extraordinary

No one appreciates the uniqueness of a home better than Phyllis Giese, who worked as a real estate agent for 42 years. When she decided to sell her home in Harford County and move to Oak Crest, downsizing from a 1,440-square-foot rancher to a one-bedroom apartment did nothing to squelch her desire to make it a true reflection of herself.

For Phyllis, that meant installing a custom-built windowseat into the bay window of her living room and getting creative with the kitchen.  

“The windowseat was a great idea suggested to me by the design team,” says Phyllis. “As for the kitchen, it originally had two doorways, one from the hallway and one from the living room, and they converted the entrance from the living room into a half wall with a countertop area.”

Other personal touches, like selecting a glass door for the corner cabinet in her kitchen, adding a ceiling fan in the living room, outfitting each of the closets with custom shelving for organization, and adding crown molding and wood laminate floors throughout, helped make her new place feel like home. 

“I’m very happy with the way everything turned out,” says Phyllis. 

Before new community members move into an apartment home, it undergoes a complete facelift. 

MaryAnn and James Burton’s two-bedroom apartment was no exception. 

The layout of the apartment had many of the features Mary Ann and James were hoping for, including an abundance of natural light, outdoor living in the form of a private balcony, and ample storage space. They needed only to add their personal touches. 

“Because we were starting from scratch, we were able to select a lot of the finishes that went into the apartment such as the flooring, cabinets, paint colors, and appliances,” says Mary Ann. Custom built-ins, which included bookshelves, a computer desk, and vanity, were also on their wish list.

“We told Angie what we wanted. The contractors drew up our ideas and showed us how it would look,” says Mary Ann. “Once we approved the design, they built it on site, painted it, and installed it. It turned out really nice and created a lot of extra storage space for us. The first thing people comment on when they come into our apartment is how nice the built-ins look. We are so glad we did it.”

Change for the better

As for Phyllis, moving to Oak Crest was more than just about finding the right apartment. It was about enjoying an active lifestyle now with peace of mind for the future.

“I consider moving here a gift to my kids so they don’t have to worry about me,” says Phyllis. “I feel like I made the right decision at the right time while I’m still healthy enough to enjoy everything here there is to do. The social opportunities are wonderful. I eat dinner with people every night instead of sitting in front of the TV by myself. And if I’m ever in need of help, I’m in the right place. I couldn’t be happier. It took me less than two weeks to feel at home. I feel very blessed.”

Custom Interiors Coordinator Angie Stiars works with Oak Crest community members to design the apartment home of their dreams.