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Mini quiz

Which floor plan are you?

Created date

February 20th, 2018
Picture A: a stylish chair, picture B: a shelf with wooden animals, picture C: a tranquil landscape, picture D: purple pansies

1. Which one of these images do you identify with?


2. What’s your favorite way to enjoy dinner?

a. Dining out with friends

b. Picking up to-go and watching a movie at home

c. Trying a new recipe in my kitchen

d. Hosting a dinner party in my home


3. If you were an animal you’d be:

a. A fish

b. A cat

c. A bird

d. A dog


4. Your perfect weekend would include:

a. Shopping and a show

b. Using the computer in my office

c. Working on a craft or art project

d. Hosting my grandkids for a sleepover


5. Your favorite way to get messy is:

a. Sawing and painting a wood project

b. Cutting fabric for a quilt

c. Baking cookies

d. Gardening outdoors

The Brecken

If you scored mostly As, you like to keep things simple and social. You spend most of your time out and about with friends and little time at home, so you don’t need extra rooms to clean. You’d rather keep your living expenses at a minimum and put money saved toward entertainment, travel, or hobbies. The spacious one-bedroom, one-bath Brecken gives you all the space you need, including a balcony to enjoy your morning coffee, a book, or a container garden.

The Gilman

If you scored mostly Bs, you’re a perfect fit for the Gilman, a beautiful one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath home with a den. For those who use the computer frequently, for the bachelor who wants a separate office or man cave, or for the couple who has opposite tastes in TV shows, the Gilman’s extra room can morph to fit any need. Two large closets, a coat closet, and a linen closet provide ample storage for clothes, hobbies, household goods, or holiday decorations.

The Hastings

If you scored mostly Cs, the large two-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath Hastings fits you to a T. Feel like you’re soaring above Colorado’s stunning landscape as you gaze out the Hasting’s floor-to-ceiling bay window, which floods the home with natural light. Host the grandkids for a night and bake cookies; you’ll have plenty of room for sleepovers with the second bedroom. Or use the light-filled second bedroom as an arts and crafts studio. This two-bedroom home is popular for good reason—it’s one of the most versatile floor plans available at Wind Crest.

The Silverton

If you scored mostly Ds, you’re looking for some space to stretch out. The two-bedroom, two-bath Silverton with its sunroom, den, and foyer is big enough for the couple who likes to spend time at home working on the computer, on a painting, in the kitchen, or hosting friends and family. If you’re moving from a larger house, the Silverton will immediately feel like home.

Designed for your life

Wind Crest has a portfolio of homes to fit your style and budget. For more information about maintenance-free apartment homes, call 1-800-710-2374.