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Planning ahead

Couple chooses CCRC early so they can reap benefits longer

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February 19th, 2018
When they’re not traveling, Mark Hogan and Sandra Scott enjoy walking their Wheaton terrier Maud among the manicured grounds and High Line Canal Trail that bisects Wind Crest’s campus.

Mark Hogan and Sandra Scott enjoy walking their dog on the trails of Wind Crest.

When Sandra Scott and Mark Hogan started considering where they’d spend their retirement, they gave it plenty of thought—a few years of thoughtful research, in fact. And while they made the decision on their own, they wanted to ensure their family and friends understood and respected their choice.

Mark wrote a letter outlining why they were choosing to move from their home at Heritage Eagle Bend in Aurora, Colo., to Erickson Living’s Wind Crest, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Highlands Ranch.

He knew some would feel they were moving too early. He was right.

His daughter Kim Goulding says in an email, “I was surprised [they were moving to Wind Crest]. I thought they were deciding to make the move too early. They are still very young and active and involved in the neighborhood they lived in, and were in a good home for their needs.”

Choosing freedom

But Mark and Sandra wanted more freedom—freedom from worrying about a house and worrying about the future.

“I understand that my dad has always tried to prepare for the future early so his kids don’t have to make difficult life choices for him,” Kim says.

Nearly seven months after Sandra and Mark’s move to a new Stratford-style apartment in Wind Crest’s new Longs Ridge residence building, Kim says she sees how happy they are living there.

“They seem to enjoy it, so that is all that matters,” she says. “I am sure it is nice for them when they travel not to have to worry about a house they are leaving behind.”

Indeed, Sandra and Mark recently returned from a long Pacific cruise. They locked their door when they left and returned to their home safe and sound.

“We’re certainly enjoying it so far,” says Sandra.

The next move

This is a letter to our family and friends in an effort to express our thoughts regarding the next move.

—Mark Hogan

Moving is not new to us; we have been discussing the “next one” with many of you over recent years, and it is one we have been very intentional about at this stage in our life. This move will be to a retirement community, one structured to provide a full continuum of care on one campus, including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care.

We believe in planning for the future, just as we began saving decades ago for college, retirement, and maintaining health insurance. Having a long-term plan in place enables us to thoroughly enjoy every day as it arrives and continue living a full life.


• We want to select a community that will encourage us to continue the active lifestyle we currently enjoy.

• We want to move to this new community while we are active and in good health so we have a good opportunity to develop a new circle of friends and support group for the coming years.

• We want to make decisions regarding the selection of a retirement community ourselves and together as opposed to putting one partner or our children in a position of being forced to make the decision for us.

• By making this decision at this time, we insure our independence and insure that our children will not have to “take care of us” or provide our housing. This decision provides a form of “insurance” for us, our children, and our loved ones.

• We are actuarially reaching an age when it is more likely we will encounter health issues requiring more medical care/assistance. These issues may also require specialized housing.

• If one of us requires specialized medical care/assistance, we want to be in a community that will make it easy for our partner to access and visit the other.

• We are excited to meet new people who will be our neighbors and friends.


• Wind Crest is an Erickson Living community:

• Wind Crest is a well-established community (2007) with more than 1,000 current residents with the land and financial ability to grow to double its current size.

• Wind Crest has independent living and continuing care, including short-term rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care.

• We feel comfortable with the management and financial model of Wind Crest.

• Wind Crest had the floor plan at the right time for us.

Love you!

Mark/Dad & Sandra/Mom