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Travel bug

It’s going around Ann’s Choice and no one’s complaining

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February 19th, 2018
Frequent Ann’s Choice travelers Trudi Hertfelder (left) and Evelyn Delaney stand by the transportation department’s bulletin board display of upcoming trips.

Frequent Ann’s Choice travelers Trudi Hertfelder (left) and Evelyn Delaney stand by the transportation department’s bulletin board display of upcoming trips.


The transportation department at Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., offers an endless variety of day excursions, trips to cultural attractions, and travel to more distant locales.

Community members can select their trips and purchase their tickets right on campus or via the Ann’s Choice resident activity website, where the transportation department posts the roster of trip destinations, dates, and costs.

Traveling couldn’t be more convenient. Ann’s Choice has four shuttles to transport residents in comfort with their neighbors to regional attractions, concerts, and performances in Center City Philadelphia, and performances and exhibits in New York City. They can even invite friends to join them.

Casino and harness racing trips draw many fans, and holiday events like the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular sell out so quickly there’s a waiting list. 

Sometimes transportation schedules two of its larger vehicles to accommodate the number of residents who sign up.

Trudi Hertfelder, who moved from nearby Warminster, especially likes to take Ann’s Choice’s midwinter cruise. This year it’s to the Panama Canal. “It’s a way to go someplace warm and just enjoy myself,” Trudi says. 

Most often, she signs up for concerts and musical theater programs in Center City Philadelphia, occasional plays at regional theaters, or special museum exhibits.

“The Midas Touch exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology was fabulous,” she says. “When you go on museum trips, you tend to see the same people. So I don’t mind signing up by myself because I know there will be someone I can pal around with.”

Goodbye, driving hassles

And having an experienced and considerate transportation department driver at the wheel, especially during winter or nighttime trips, gives Trudi peace of mind.

Although she and a friend have taken long road trips on their own, “When I go to the Philly Pops it’s always a Friday night concert in Center City, the last place I want to drive,” Trudi says. 

“Just to know that I don’t have to think about a thing except to get on and off the bus is one of the best parts of taking these trips. There’s something very nice about letting someone else deal with the hassle while I relax.” 

Her neighbor, Evelyn Delaney, seconds that. “All you have to do is sign up and go,” she says. “They handle all the details, take you right to the door, and pick you up after.”

Evelyn takes three or four trips with Ann’s Choice each month because it gives her something to look forward to. “They call me the party girl,” she says. “As long as I’m healthy enough to travel, I’m going to go.”

Last year Evelyn took an Ann’s Choice cruise to Bermuda. She also enjoyed a five-day trip to Wildwood at the Jersey Shore.

Former Willow Grove resident Bob Unger has taken countless trips of nearly every type with Ann’s Choice. “It doesn’t matter what I sign up for,” he says. “Transportation does a magnificent job year after year. You name it, Ann’s Choice has it.”

He’d been to Music Hall many times with his late wife, so when its Christmas Spectacular showed up on Ann’s Choice’s travel list, he signed up. And he took two of his neighbors along as his guests, a gesture Bob makes often.

When they board the shuttle, “It will be filled with people we know,” says Bob, “and they’re all our good friends.”