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‘Asian Supper Club’

Fellowship and food form strong bonds for these neighbors

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March 15th, 2018
Linden Ponds’ “Asian Supper Club” recently enjoyed traditional Cantonese cuisine at South Garden Restaurant at the Kam Man Plaza in Quincy, Mass.

Linden Ponds’ “Asian Supper Club” recently enjoyed traditional Cantonese.

People who live at Linden Ponds bond over many things they might have in common—be that a shared passion for photography or opera, similar political or religious views, the same former careers, or a shared ethnicity. Last year, a group of residents of Asian descent started gathering for monthly dinners in one of the community’s private dining rooms.

“We just meet for dinner to get to know each other,” says resident Gloria Chi, who helps to organize the gatherings. “Since we have more Asian people living at Linden Ponds now, we thought we’d get together.”

Indeed, the members of the group, which is informally known as the “Asian Supper Club,” have formed friendships over the course of their meals together.

At the end of 2017, they decided to go out for a special dinner to celebrate. A group of about 14 people, including some non-Asian neighbors and staff member Karmin Der, whose family hails from Hong Kong, dined at South Garden Restaurant at the Kam Man Plaza in Quincy, Mass.

“We all left with doggie bags, full bellies, and lots of fellowship,” says Der. “There were multiple cultures represented—Chinese from Hong Kong, Chinese from Shanghai, Japanese, and Indian.”

The restaurant offers a very traditional Chinese menu, and the Linden Ponds group feasted on an eight-course meal of jellyfish pickled with daikon and carrots, Peking raviolis, scallion pancakes, crispy honey glazed shrimp, sweet and sour King Do pork, ginger scallion fried lobster, pea pod stems with garlic, and whole crispy fried chicken.

“The food was very good. Cantonese food has a lot of seafood,” Gloria says. “I think everyone enjoyed it.”

Special meaning

For Der, the meal was a meaningful ending to what was a busy year at Linden Ponds, as the community has prepared for the opening of its tenth residence building, Willard Square.

“It was a wonderful experience that they included me in their holiday celebration. When I started at Linden Ponds there were only two Asians,” Der says. “So, after five years at the community, it’s nice to see that I am able to help affect the diversity in the community. My heart was so full to see this group come to fruition.”