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Gearing up for the spring selling season

Tips to prepare your home for the market

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March 14th, 2018
Galveston Crossing, the newest residence building at Eagle’s Trace, is scheduled to open in late summer 2018. The West Houston Erickson Living community has resources to help future residents sell their homes and prepare for a move.

Galveston Crossing, the newest residence building at Eagle’s Trace, is scheduled to open in late summer 2018. 


After an unnerving eight months aboard a meteorological roller coaster, which started with Hurricane Harvey in August, rounded a snowy curve in December, and ushered in freezing temperatures in January, the first hints of spring are finally popping up in Houston.

And with them come “For Sale” signs that mark the beginning of the spring selling season.

“This year will be a bit different for the Houston area,” says Sandie Parker, a real estate agent with Martha Turner Sotheby’s International. “Investors who purchased flooded homes after the storm will be listing them as soon as they’re remodeled.”

That presents a unique challenge for sellers wanting to sell homes that didn’t flood.

“The remodeled homes will be pretty,” says Parker. “Even though they were devalued because of flooding, many will regain significant value as they’re renovated. Sellers need to keep in mind they’ll be competing with these remodeled homes.”

Parker has 25 years’ experience in the Houston real estate market. For the past six years, she’s been a preferred real estate agent for Eagle’s Trace, the Erickson Living community in West Houston.

As Eagle’s Trace prepares to open its newest residence building, Galveston Crossing, in late summer 2018, Parker has been working with those planning to sell their homes and move into Galveston Crossing.

“I’m telling my clients not to wait too long to list their homes,” says Parker. “It’s preferable if they’re on the market by the end of March, since most buyers have already chosen a house by July and August.”

To get homes show-ready, Parker has these tips for sellers.


1. Remove wallpaper and paint rooms a neutral color: “Soft grey is a popular neutral wall color that looks good in most spaces,” says Parker. “If you take down pictures, don’t rehang them. The walls might look bare without them, but they just look like nail holes to a buyer.”

2. Choose hard flooring over carpet: “Carpet can look worn,” says Parker. “Buyers want hard flooring, either wood or tile. Even a wood laminate might be a good option.”

3. Cleanliness counts: “Nobody notices their own dirt,” says Parker, stressing the importance of cleaning windows, baseboards, ceiling fans, and fixtures.

4. Check the tub: Parker also advises clients to pay special attention in the bathrooms.

“Many buyers use the bathtub as a measure of how well a house is kept,” she says. “Make sure the tub is sparkling, and fix the grout if necessary.”

5. Take notice of the front entry: “A lot of people don’t use their front doors regularly,” says Parker. “They come into the house from the garage or the back door. Make sure all light fixtures by the front door are working properly, and pay attention to the door itself. Does it need to be restained?”

6. Consider curb appeal: “Add a touch of color to your front flower beds, even if it’s just putting out a pot of flowers,” says Parker. “You want your home to look inviting.”