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Greenspring’s hidden gems

Select floor plans showcase benefits of smaller-space living

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March 21st, 2018
“The first time I walked into my Addison apartment home, I fell in love with the beautiful view of the woods. It is the perfect home for me,” says Ann MacNamara, who lives at Greenspring in Springfield, Va.

“The first time I walked into my Addison apartment home, I fell in love with the beautiful view of the woods. It is the perfect home for me,” says Ann MacNamara, who lives at Greenspring in Springfield, Va.


Uncovering ways to save money is an important goal for many Americans. Recently, that commitment has been best illustrated in the growing demand for smaller homes. In October 2017, Bloomberg Business Week reported that “in a reversal of a three-decade trend, U.S. homebuilders are cutting the size of the American home.”

“It’s a phenomenon we see playing out in our sales office,” says Greenspring Director of Sales David Taylor. “People desire to make financially sound decisions for their future. No one wants the burden of a home that is more than they can afford. That is why we encourage our priority list members to evaluate their needs and determine if a smaller-sized apartment home is the answer.”

By selecting one of Greenspring’s efficiency apartment homes—the Addison—Ann MacNamara, who moved to the Erickson Living community last August, feels she’s given up nothing. Rather, she feels she’s gained in so many ways.

“The Addison is the perfect home for a single person,” she says. “I enjoy a beautiful home in a wonderful community, and the finances make sense. I was very lucky that an Addison became available to me before my move.”

Exploring the options

In working with Sheila Willing, Greenspring’s sales counselor, Ann felt at ease looking at various apartment homes and exploring her options.

“Sheila was extremely kind, and I never felt any pressure,” says Ann. “The Addison was one of several homes she showed me. As soon as I walked into the apartment I was delighted by the view. It looks out onto [Lake] Accotink Park and the woods. I thought, 

‘This is it. This is perfect. The Addison accommodates all my needs while providing me a home at this wonderful community.”’

To maximize the space in her new home, Ann worked with Janet Story, Greenspring’s custom interiors coordinator, to create a customized Murphy bed.

“It is very nice,” says Ann. “It works very nicely and allows for more space in my living room. And the bed is very comfortable. It has been good for my back.”

Each Greenspring apartment home, regardless of size, offers the same high-quality finishes based on market trends, including stainless steel appliances, wood cabinetry, surround tile in the bath or shower, and granite or quartz countertops.

“For our smaller homes like the Addison, there are many ways to optimize space,” says Story. “Dual purpose and optimization of space is key. Ann’s Murphy bed is a great example. While there is plenty of room for a bed in her apartment, by installing a Murphy bed, she opens up the living area, creating more space, during the day. We also mounted her television on the wall, which adds space and depth to the room.”

Financially savvy decision

In addition to providing a beautiful place to live, Greenspring’s studio and efficiency homes offer that peace of mind of a smaller entrance fee and a lower monthly service package. For example, the average entrance deposit on a one-bedroom apartment is $274,000 versus $126,000 on an efficiency. And the average monthly service fee for a one-bedroom is $2,229, while an efficiency has an average monthly service fee of $1,959. 

Choosing an efficiency apartment home over a one-bedroom floor plan provides an initial savings of $148,000, and a monthly service fee savings of $270 a month, or $3,240 a year.

“And the best news is that although the costs are lower, selecting an efficiency apartment home comes with complete access to all of Greenspring’s amenities and services,” says Taylor. “Those living in smaller apartments are simply paying less for these benefits than those living in larger living spaces.”

All of Greenspring’s unbeatable amenities and services are located right outside the front door and include a state-of-the-art fitness center with indoor swimming pool and spa, a medical center, four restaurants, a large theater, classrooms, a salon, and a bank.

In addition, more than 200 resident-run clubs and activities provide a wealth of opportunities to meet like-minded friends.

Careful consideration

At Greenspring, the benefits of living in a smaller space go above and beyond financial savings. But for many, it takes careful consideration of all the factors, especially in a world filled with media messaging that bigger is better.

“That’s why I encourage people to reevaluate their needs every 6 to 12 months,” says Taylor. “Many times, what people thought they wanted when they joined the priority list may not be what they now need, or it may not be worth waiting years for.

“Moving from a single-family home to an apartment means downsizing no matter how you look at it,” he adds. “When faced with this reality, many people go directly for the largest apartment home we offer. But the reality is that all that space may not be necessary.”

Greenspring’s four on-site restaurants and flexible meal plans offered as part of the monthly service package often negate the need for a large eat-in kitchen. And for those looking at apartment homes with a second bedroom for guests, Greenspring offers guest apartments that community members may reserve for visiting family members and friends.

Another question Taylor encourages future residents to consider is the number of bathrooms needed. Apartment homes with two bathrooms are the most expensive models. Choosing one bathroom is an easy way to save money without losing living space.

“Wait times on some apartment homes are years, but often, with some flexibility of preferences, we can find someone an apartment they love in a matter of months,” he says.

Moving sooner rather than later offers a wide variety of advantages.

“I am really enjoying my new life at Greenspring,” says Ann. “I’ve always enjoyed traveling, and in doing so, I’ve seen many places. I know that Greenspring is a beautiful gem. As a single woman, I’ve met so many people and have already made some good friends. I am very, very happy to be here.”