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Meet a neighbor’s pets

Helen and Jack Buckley live at Cedar Crest with their two cats, Fiona and Tiger

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March 21st, 2018
Helen Buckley holds one of her two cats, Fiona, a female tuxedo cat.

Helen Buckley holds one of her two cats, Fiona, a female tuxedo cat.

What are your pets' names?

Fiona is the female, and Tiger is the male.

What kind of pets are they?

Fiona is a tuxedo cat, and Tiger is a brown mackerel tabby.

Describe the day you got your pets.

The day we picked up Fiona, it was during an October snowstorm the year before Hurricane Sandy. We brought her home, and she was so tiny that that night I tried to keep her warm and took her under the covers.

We had her and figured she needed a playmate. When we were going away, and the cat sitter had cats for adoption, I said if Fiona bonds with somebody, we’ll take another cat. She played with Tiger and another cat called Rascal. The sitter told me Tiger would be a better companion. We brought Tiger home, and Fiona was mad at us! She gave us the cold shoulder for about a month or so. Now they play well together.

We transported them here from Lake Mohawk in Sparta. It took a while for them to adjust, but they have adjusted well.

How would you describe your pets in three words?

Fiona: Shy, playful, and picky. She’s a picky eater.

Tiger: Robust, foodie, a mush. He’s very friendly to anyone.

Do you celebrate your pets' birthdays?

We do sometimes and give them a birthday present like a toy. They like to chase stuff around the house.

Do your pets know any tricks?

They know enough to ask for food, but no, they don’t know any special tricks.

Describe a time when your pets surprised you.

One time, Tiger was walking down the hall with me and he was sniffing under each doorway. He found a space under the door and put his head to the ground and looked under the door. I didn’t know they were that smart!