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Moving made easy

New resident gives high marks to Erickson Realty and Moving Services

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March 14th, 2018
Tallgrass Creek resident Jane Watts (left) and Personal Moving Consultant Nancy Worthington share the merits of the Erickson Realty and Moving Services with residents planning moves to Tallgrass Creek later this year.

Personal Moving Consultant highlights the Erickson Realty and Moving Services.

Before moving to Tallgrass Creek a few months ago, Jane Watts made an important decision.

“I decided to use Tallgrass Creek’s recommended realty and moving services, which simplified my move immensely,” says Jane.

Jane was among many who recently moved to Hummingbird Square, Tallgrass Creek’s fourth residence building, which opened in October 2017. Tallgrass Creek is one of 19 retirement communities owned and managed by Erickson Living, based in Baltimore, Md.

Jane recently shared her moving story with a roomful of people who will soon move to Goldfinch Lane, Tallgrass Creek’s fifth residence building scheduled for completion later this fall.

She was joined by Nancy Worthington, Tallgrass Creek’s personal moving consultant, whose expertise and informative home visits have helped simplify the moves of almost everyone who has moved to Hummingbird Square.

Experience counts

Worthington and Jane’s conversation kicked off a series of seminars hosted by Tallgrass Creek’s sales team. The seminars introduced future residents to the program Jane utilized, Erickson Realty and Moving Services.

Erickson Realty and Moving Services offers complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selection of real estate professionals.

Worthington noted that about 75% of those residents who recently moved to Hummingbird Square utilized all or parts of the program.

“The Erickson Living-recommended providers we work with at Tallgrass Creek have all met high standards of quality and experience in each of their respective areas,” says Worthington. “It saves time, stress, and confusion since you don’t have to research potential real estate agents, movers, and downsizing organizations.”

Jane told seminar attendees she reserved her home at Hummingbird Square soon after construction started on the new building. Like early reservists at Goldfinch Lane, she was able to reserve the floor plan she wanted, where she wanted it.

“I was moving from a four-bedroom home I’d lived in for 13 years,” says Jane. “There were lots of things I needed to let go of but others I wanted to make sure came with me. It seemed like a big job.”

Jane shared that as she contemplated her move, she heard others at Tallgrass Creek talk about their positive experiences with the recommended providers.

“I heard over and over: ‘They really know what they’re doing,’” says Jane. “They were absolutely right.”

Services that simplify

To begin the process, Worthington visited Jane in her home and brought along a schematic of her new home’s floor plan.

“Nancy also knows what she’s doing and does it well,” says Jane. “She has much experience in this area and is so calm and helpful.”

Nancy and Jane measured the pieces Jane wanted to take to Tallgrass Creek and placed cutouts of them on the schematic.

“It was great to have that tool, and we played with it for some time,” says Jane. “It provided a nice visual to help determine where things would go.”

Several months before her move, Jane also met with recommended real estate agents Joan and Ron Yaffe.

“They were so good to me,” says Jane. “We had a few glitches during the selling period, and they adjusted and were with me every step of the way.”

To organize her move, Jane worked with Gentle Changes, a downsizing organization many Tallgrass Creek residents have used. Gentle Changes helps with everything from going through your belongings to finding an estate sale service to organizing your new home.

In Jane’s case, the team from Gentle Changes worked with recommended movers C & C Relocation, who were efficient and particularly careful with the baby grand piano Jane was moving to her new Tallgrass Creek apartment.   

“On moving day, there were four women from Gentle Changes who directed the movers on both ends of the move,” says Jane. “They put my kitchen, bedroom, bath, everything in my new residence together so it was move-in ready. I was able to go to dinner and sleep in my new  bedroom that night.”

When Jane reflects on her move, the word that comes to mind is “relief.”

“I love coming home to my new apartment and am relieved to have had these wonderful helpers,” says Jane. “Erickson [Realty and Moving Services] has this whole moving thing down. With all the experience they have, why wouldn’t you use them?”