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Smooth transition

Guidance from personal moving consultant is key

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March 22nd, 2018

Personal Moving Consultant Jenn Kohan helped George Russo with all things moving from his house of 53 years in Union, NJ., to Lantern Hill, an Erickson Living community in New Providence, N.J.

She recommended a real estate agent, suggested home updates to increase selling power, and helped him plan furniture placement in his new two-bedroom apartment home with a den.

Creative use of space

With her help, he decided to use the floor plan’s second bedroom as his den and set up the original “den” as an office.

“The furniture I wanted to bring fit nicely in my den, and I was able to have a comfortable office with a roll-top desk and a computer desk,” George says.

Despite downsizing and bringing some substantial furniture, he says he has plenty of space.

“I can use my office as an office. I have space to move around. I use it for my bills, filing of papers that I need for income tax purposes. It’s handy. Anything I need, I know is in my office. I was able to maintain it the same as in my own home before moving here. I don’t have to wonder if there was a letter that came in, where it is. I know exactly where to find it in the office in a file.”

“Sometimes people get hung up on the labels on the floor plan,” Kohan says. “I help them think outside the box, to realize they may not need the largest apartment home we offer—that if they repurpose rooms, they have a more efficient use of space.”