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Spring surprises

Last summer’s perennials to make an appearance in the coming months

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March 14th, 2018
Residents maintain container gardens on The High Line Overlook patio.

Residents maintain container gardens on The High Line Overlook patio.


Soon the snow will melt and the perennials Judy Puckett planted last summer behind Parry Landing, the residence building at Wind Crest, will begin to poke up through the ground.

Judy, a lifelong gardener who moved to Wind Crest from the foothills in Jenesee, Colo., planted perennials native to Colorado, including yarrow, lupine, and Russian sage, among others.

“It’s very calming. I like being outside. It’s my therapy,” Judy says of gardening.

Garden greetings

Although she’s a gardener at heart, this project came as a surprise. “I had no idea I’d be able to garden here when we moved. I gave away all my tools,” she says.

In talking to some of her newfound friends and fellow gardeners, she discovered gardening is encouraged. The Highlands Ranch Erickson Living community has a dedicated garden area with personal garden squares and a tool shed located near its on-site continuing care neighborhood.

However, Judy says she preferred to “just make our area prettier.” She started by planting a few perennials in front of her patio in May 2017.

“Some people would come out on their balconies and thank me,” she says. “I was just doing the area by my apartment, but people further down asked me to keep going.”

And so she did.

She has planted nearly the entire rocky bank between Parry Landing and The High Line Overlook residence buildings.

“I’ve met a lot of people through this, and I’ve met a lot of other gardeners at meals,” she says.

In addition to Judy’s Parry Landing perennial garden, other neighbors have spontaneously started gardens of their own.

Container blooms

Not to miss next time you visit Wind Crest for a tour or luncheon in spring or summer is the High Line patio garden. Neighbors Kay Tabor, May Chism-Braselton, and Marion Springer, to name a few, have created a colorful paradise on the large patio of The High Line Overlook Clubhouse, which sees the High Line Canal Trail and the foothills in the distance.

They’ve utilized large planter boxes in addition to their own containers to fill the area with bright blooms.

Wind Crest’s gardeners, whether they utilize the provided garden spaces or not, are well supported by its grounds crew—Horticulture Technician Steven Vendegnia, Facilities Manager Steve Murphy, and Grounds Worker Andrew Thomas.

Green-thumbed community members moving to Mt. Rosa Court this spring can look forward to continuing their hobby in many ways around campus and meeting kindred spirits along the way.