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These boots were made for moving to Ann’s Choice

Nell Adams takes an unlikely path to her new home

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March 15th, 2018
A phone conversation between Nell Adams (left) and Ann’s Choice Sales Director Deborah Olcese about plaid purple boots ultimately led Nell to move to Ann’s Choice.

A phone conversation between Nell Adams (left) and Ann’s Choice Sales Director Deborah Olcese about plaid purple boots ultimately led Nell to move to Ann’s Choice.


phone call about a pair of plaid purple winter boots launched Nell Adams on the path that brought her from Boone, N.C., to Ann’s Choice, Erickson Living’s retirement community in Bucks County, Pa.

Nell has no children, but her niece Susan, with whom she’s very close, lives in Ambler, Pa., near Ann’s Choice.

Susan’s mother, Nell’s sister, lived in South Carolina. After her mother’s death, Susan encouraged Nell to move to Ann’s Choice and recommended she join the community’s priority list.

Nell joined the list in 2015 and began receiving the Tribune where she saw an ad featuring those purple boots. The ad extolled the advantages of moving to Ann’s Choice before winter set in.

From boots to buddies

“They were so cute, and I was looking for some new boots,” says Nell. She called Ann’s Choice for a lead on where to purchase the boots and talked with Deborah Olcese, the sales director at Ann’s Choice. Olcese researched the ad and learned the boots weren’t real. They were simply a drawing.

But as the women talked, they discovered they had a lot in common, so they kept in touch. And during one of Nell’s visits to her niece, Olcese gave them a tour of Ann’s Choice.

Nell liked everything about the community but wasn’t ready to move because she needed to sell her house.

She’d built her three-bedroom, three-bath home on the side of a mountain on land from her brother who lived at the top.

When she returned from Pennsylvania, Nell listed her house and spent the next 18 months showing it to prospective buyers.

Everyone who saw it loved it, but it didn’t fit their idea of a mountain house. With windows all around, it more resembled a beach house than a rustic retreat.

Patience pulls through

Then, last summer the perfect couple appeared and bought the house in two days. Nell moved in July.

Her new home is a one-bedroom, one-bath Brighton floor plan with a bay window and updates that include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a huge walk-in shower.

Because of the bay, Nell sees the sun come up each morning and set each evening.

“I’ve loved my apartment since day one,” she says. “It’s beautiful.”

A brand new lifestyle

When she moved to Ann’s Choice, Nell knew only Deborah Olcese. Nonetheless, “The first week I was here, I was out exploring,” she says.

When she saw a tai chi class in session, she walked in, was invited to join, and did so immediately. Later she joined the history club and signed up for every lecture in the Ann’s Choice Lifelong Learning Academy’s fall session.

“I’m so happy here,” says Nell. “The people couldn’t be nicer, and Ann’s Choice has thought of everything that will make life easier for seniors.”

She has her pick of five campus restaurants and thinks the food is wonderful. “So if you don’t like to cook, this is the place for you!” she says.

Winter was especially brutal throughout the U.S. this January. Even in North Carolina wind chills dipped as low as -13 degrees, and Bucks County’s were equally low.

At Ann’s Choice, Nell needn’t venture outside for anything, not even medical appointments. Her doctor is an Ann’s Choice physician who practices in the campus medical center. She gets her hair done at a campus salon and does her banking on campus too.

She especially likes that she can walk everywhere inside because climate-controlled hallways and bridges connect the three clubhouses and 15 residence buildings.

Residents tend to gather on those bridges to watch the snow come down, thankful that they no longer have to shovel it. Ann’s Choice handles that chore.

Living at Ann’s Choice gives Nell peace of mind.

“Maintenance is a phone call away, you don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your home, and health care is right here: pull your emergency cord, and help will arrive in less than two minutes. Life doesn’t get any better,” says Nell.