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Tips for keeping or discarding larger items as you downsize

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March 2nd, 2018
A smiling man places items in a moving box

Downsizing is easier with help from Erickson's Personal Moving Consultants.

So often, residents of Erickson Living communities compare our campuses to “a cruise on land,” with all the amenities of a voyage to the islands and none of the chores we do in our homes.  

To think of your new apartment home as a “luxury cruise cabin” suggests that space is limited. And while your stateroom is well appointed, elegant, and truly an oasis of comfort, it is not large enough to live in all year round.

More room than you think

Indeed, to the untrained eye, it might appear that too many of the things you have loved and cherished for a long time will not fit in an apartment home. But never fear. Your personal moving consultant is quite adept at designing floor plans that allow you to bring many of the items close to your heart—including china cabinets and even baby grand pianos! So lean on your personal moving consultant’s experience, share your desires early, and keep an open mind. 

Let go of the big stuff

While many new residents wish to keep larger items, there are just as many who are eager to downsize, clear out the clutter, and start fresh with less “stuff.” You’ll be happy to hear that your personal moving consultant is also skilled at finding new homes for your pool table, piano, and dining room set. We work with local charities, churches, and nonprofit groups, as well as auction houses and antiques dealers who can match items you no longer want with eager new owners. 

Caught in the middle

Perhaps you’re still on the fence about what to do with some of your larger belongings. You aren’t interested in bringing that antique armoire to your new apartment home, but you can’t bear to sell it or give it away.

Your personal moving consultant can help you locate a reputable public storage facility. Most rent climate-controlled spaces for a minimal cost per month with no long-term contracts or obligations. Here, you can safely store big, bulky items you plan to pass on to children or grandchildren—or that you’re simply not ready to part with just yet. 

No challenge too big or small

Planning to move can be exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming. Your personal moving consultant can help you with all the details and lift many burdens off your shoulders, so be sure to take advantage of this unique service as soon as you are able.