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Travel makes the heart happy

Louise Aldsworth rekindles her passion in the Trips and Travel group

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March 15th, 2018
Ruth Ellerthorpe (left) and Lucille Joseph are two of the brains behind Cedar Crest’s most popular club, Trips and Travel.

Ruth Ellerthorpe (left) and Lucille Joseph are two of the brains behind Cedar Crest’s most popular club, Trips and Travel. 


To Louise Aldsworth, travel is as essential to life as breathing. That’s why moving to Cedar Crest, the Erickson Living community in Pompton Plains, N.J., was a breath of fresh air.

“I have cruised the world; I have flown all over the place; I have traveled extensively,” says Louise, who moved in September 2015. “When I came here, I was so happy to discover Trips and Travel because they filled that void.”

Her travel had slowed down during the years she lived alone in her house. But since meeting neighbor Ruth Ellerthorpe and getting involved in Ruth’s community travel club, now Louise is back to living a full life.

“When you travel here, you’re traveling with your friends. You know everybody. Even if you go by yourself, you’re never alone,” she says. “When it’s lunch time and even on the bus, it’s a pleasure because people talk to each other.”

Venturing out

Having taken numerous day trips as well as overnights to the Smokey Mountains and twice to Vermont, Louise is trying her hand at planning some excursions herself.

“Because I’ve traveled so much and I worked for many years, I’m very organized, so I’m trying to plan some trips,” Louise says.

First up, a tour of the United Nations on June 12, with lunch at the Delegates Dining Room. “A lot of people are interested in this trip. I went years ago, so it’s going to be exciting to go back and see it again,” Louise says.

A month later, on July 2, they’ll head to the Kutztown Folk Festival, a plan-your-day day trip.

“We will have the bus that takes you to the festival, but it’s different from most of our trips in that you’re on your own. There is so much to do, from folk dancing performances to craft shows to booths where you can buy the crafts. So that will be a day where everyone can fulfill all their festival wishes,” she says.

Then on October 4 they’ll head north for a Hudson River cruise during what they hope will be prime fall foliage.

Louise says she loves the day trips not only because they are so enjoyable but also because they expose her to places “you’d never think of going that are so close by.”

A full and happy life

For now, she’s already busy brainstorming ideas for 2019, which she’ll present to the group in April.

Louise says traveling through Cedar Crest hasn’t just made her adventures more enjoyable, it’s made her life more enjoyable.