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This year could change your life

Especially if you move to Greenspring

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March 14th, 2018
Addison and Flagstaff floorpans

Spring is in the air at Greenspring, an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va. As the beautiful, 58-acre campus begins to bloom, many residents take advantage of numerous outdoor activities, including long walks on the Accotink Trail, a friendly game of pickleball, or miniature yacht racing on the pond.

At the same time, the friendly campus plays host to people interested in learning more about how to join this sought-after community.

“In the last two weeks, I’ve met with dozens of people who wish to make this past winter the last winter they spend in their house,” says Greenspring Sales Counselor Sheila Willing. “I often hear how, after enduring a long, lonely winter in a big, drafty house, people want to spend next winter surrounded by friends and activities rather than shoveling snow and ice. I’m happy to say that I’m here to help make those wishes a reality.”

Meeting with people interested in calling Greenspring home provides Willing the perfect opportunity to share, in a pressure-free environment, all the inside information she’s gained through her more than 18 years at Greenspring.

“Perhaps now more than any other time in the recent past, I’m meeting with people who want to know how they can move to Greenspring as soon as possible. Their top questions center on what apartment homes are currently available and what resources are in place to make their moves a reality,” says Willing.

If she hears those questions on a daily basis, chances are Tribune readers may be wondering the same thing. The following is the most up-to-date information Willing has related to these two important questions.

Q:“Greenspring is such a popular community. Are any apartment homes currently available?”

Willing: Despite the fact that Greenspring has an occupancy rate greater than 98% and higher than any other continuing care retirement community in the country, there are currently a handful of our most popular apartment homes available, including the best-selling Addison studio apartment home.

This year, many people I meet with are looking for more information on our smaller apartment homes, like the Addison. They have come to the conclusion that they do not need the largest apartment home their money can buy but would rather select a home that supports their lifestyle.

For instance, you may not need an extra-large kitchen if you plan to enjoy many of your meals in one of Greenspring’s five on-site restaurants.

I encourage people to consider how much time they will spend in their home. A large living area may be a benefit if you enjoy hosting friends and family, but a smaller apartment is perfect for those who travel frequently or utilize many of Greenspring’s community spaces, such as our numerous classrooms, performing arts theater, or library.

Considering a number of various apartment sizes and styles is an important step in the decision-making process. Many times, people are surprised to discover they need less space in their homes than they initially thought.

For others who dream of larger living spaces, enjoy in-home entertaining, or require an additional bedroom for visitors or office space, Greenspring currently has a few of the highly sought-after large two-bedroom, one-bath Flagstaff floor plans available.

It’s important to note that supply varies on a daily basis, and I take finding the perfect home for each individual very seriously. Anyone wishing to move to Greenspring in the short term should schedule a visit and explore their options.

Q:“What resources are available to me to help sell my home and prepare for a move to Greenspring?”

Willing: Members of the priority list enjoy exclusive access to Anna Greves, Greenspring’s personal moving consultant and a former Northern Virginia real estate broker. She has helped hundreds of current residents sell their homes and make a stress-free move. In fact, last year she helped 97% of all new residents moving to Greenspring.

In addition, Greves and her recommended team of agents helped Greenspring residents sell more than $47 million in real estate in 2017 with an average home price of $450,000. The average length of time these homes spent on the market was a mere 16 days compared to 46 days for those not using one of our preferred real estate agents.

Greves visits future residents in their current homes, helping them plan for their move, and she  provides a personally recommended list of moving and packing companies as well as resources for downsizing and estate sales.

She is thoroughly professional, an expert in her field, and attuned to the specific challenges of her clients. And as all those who know her can attest, her dedication, compassion, and commitment to her clients continue long after the sold sign appears on their lawns.

If you are interested in meeting with Greves personally, just ask. I am happy to set up a meeting. As always, I encourage anyone who wants to learn more to schedule a visit. Nothing beats seeing the Greenspring community in action.