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How to sell your house any time of year

The right team of experts is key

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April 18th, 2018

When is the best time to sell your house and move to Lantern Hill?

“Whenever you’re ready,” says Personal Moving Consultant Jenn Kohan with Erickson Realty and Moving Services. “Because we understand the real estate market cycle, we can respond effectively to get the house sold so our new residents have less stress and an easier transition to their new home.”

Erickson Living communities have their own local personal moving consultant to provide complimentary coordination of all realty and moving needs, including downsizing, home staging, packing, and selection of a real estate professional for priority members.

Priority list members are prospective residents who have expressed an interest in moving to Lantern Hill and put down a fully refundable $1,000 deposit to reserve their place in line for the apartment home of their choice.

“Joining the priority list is the best way to ensure you get the apartment that’s right for you,” says Sales Counselor Kathy Banks. “Priority list members tell us the features they want, and we contact them, based on the date they joined the priority list, when an apartment that meets their criteria becomes available.”

With Lantern Hill’s two newest buildings, Maple Glen and Oakwood Court, open and nearly fully occupied, the priority list is the only way to secure a home at the popular community.

“With very little inventory—less than ten homes available—we encourage anyone considering a move to Lantern Hill, whether in the short or long term, to join the priority list,” Banks says. “Priority list members are the first to know of new construction, and they are given first choice of apartments based on their priority list joining date. The sooner you join, the better.”

Armed and experienced

Priority list members receive lots of exclusive benefits, such as invitations to luncheons, moving workshops, happy hours, and, perhaps most beneficial, access to Erickson Realty and Moving Services to plan and coordinate a stress-free move.

Kohan meets with priority list members in their home, armed with a magnetic floor plan of their new apartment. She tours the home and sees which existing furniture pieces they want to bring with them to their new home. Then she measures them out and places the to-scale pieces on the magnetic floor plan.

She also has a team of preferred real estate agents who understand the market, local neighborhoods, and nuances specific to senior moves.

“Our team will help coordinate everything from downsizing to home staging to finding a great local real estate agent. As a priority list member, you’ll receive a complimentary in-home moving and real estate consultation—no strings attached. You’ll love the space planning and design ideas, that turn your new apartment into a home,” Kohan says.

What’s more, Kohan says, “Houses will always sell when they are priced right and prepared.  It is important to be with a preferred real estate agent to ensure the best activity and skill.”

Smart decision

Joan Seibert took Kohan’s advice and hired preferred agent Lois Amber, with very positive results. “I put the house on the market Monday, and by Friday I had five offers, four above asking price,” says Joan, who adds she felt Amber priced the house correctly based on market value at the time.

Joan also found Kohan’s floor planning invaluable. "Jenn came out to my condo and looked around. She had her scale model, and we decided what would work best for me. I pretty much followed what she suggested. It’s worked out very nicely,” Joan says.

She was able to bring nearly all of her existing furniture except her dining room table, which she doesn’t need anyway because she dines with friends at Lantern Hill’s on-site restaurants.

“Luckily for me,” she says, “everything fell into place with everybody’s help.”

What makes a great agent?

It is crucial to engage an agent who has experience in the valuation process. This means comparing your home in detail to comparative properties, not just averaging home sales in your area. This gives the seller ammunition in negotiating with a buyer and keeps your expectations realistic when you enter the market.

Additionally, make sure your agent has your home on the market at least through one weekend to make sure you have adequate exposure to attain the very highest price for your home. “If you take the first offer within an hour of your home entering the market you may always wonder if you got the most money for your home,” says Jenn Kohan, an agent herself.

Whatever the agent’s strategy, it’s nice to know you’re choosing someone who the experts at Erickson Realty and Moving Services prefer and who has experience moving others to Lantern Hill.

“We have trusted experts in place to take the heavy lifting off your shoulders,” says Kohan, “so you can eliminate everything that’s weighing you down in life and really start living here at Lantern Hill.”