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Invest in your future at Greenspring

Priority list membership provides peace of mind

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April 18th, 2018
Members of the Greenspring priority list enjoy numerous special events and seminars including invitations to the popular home expo held in April.

Members of the Greenspring priority list enjoy numerous special events and seminars including invitations to the popular home expo held in April.

Spring is in the air at Greenspring, an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va. As members of the tennis club dust off their rackets and devoted gardeners flex their green thumbs, the community celebrates with a renewed sense of energy, excitement, and growth.

This excitement is also evident inside the sales office, as hundreds of people schedule appointments to find out how they can ensure a future at this popular community. As a result, during the first quarter of 2018, a record number of people joined the Greenspring priority list, reserving a place in line for the apartment home of their choice.

“Our priority list includes many children of our current residents,” says Greenspring Sales Counselor Sheila Willing. “They’ve witnessed the Erickson Living lifestyle firsthand and wish to make it a part of their future.”

Because Greenspring boasts one of the highest occupancy rates in the country among continuing care retirement communities, joining the priority list ensures that a home will be available to prospective residents when they make the decision to move, whether it’s in a year, five years, or longer.

Down to the details

The first step to joining the priority list is to schedule an appointment with Willing.

“There is never any pressure,” she says. “I want to make sure Greenspring is the right choice for our prospective residents as much as they do. Joining the priority list provides the time needed to learn more about our community, meet the people who live here, attend special priority list functions, and tour apartment homes.”

Those who decide to join the priority list pay a fully refundable $1,000 deposit and a $150-per-person nonrefundable application fee.

Once this deposit is made, the date is noted as the member’s priority list date. Members are then encouraged to select a preferred floor plan that, once available, will be offered to them, with right of first refusal, based on their joining date.

There is no penalty should the preferred apartment home become available before a prospective resident is ready to move. It is simply offered to the next member on the list, and priority list status remains the same.

“My advice is to get on the priority list earlier than you think you need to,” says community member Clint Lambert. “If you join at age 62, you will be at least three years and many spots ahead of someone who joins when they are 65. Thus, the chance of the apartment home you want being available when you are ready to move will be much greater.”

Benefits add up

In addition to helping secure a future home at Greenspring, joining the priority list opens up a world of exciting opportunities.

Priority list members have access to Erickson Realty and Moving Services as well as the expertise of Personal Moving Consultant Anna Greves. She helps people moving to Greenspring prepare their houses for sale, find the right real estate agent, and make a seamless move.

Last year, Greves and her team of preferred real estate professionals helped Greenspring residents sell more than $50 million in real estate.

Steve and Janet Arpee elected to work with Greves as they prepared to move last year from their house in Washington, D.C., to Greenspring.

“Anna was extremely helpful. In fact, we weren’t prepared for just how helpful she would be,” says Steve. “She was invaluable to us throughout the entire process. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone considering a move to Greenspring.”

Spending time wisely

Priority list members also receive exclusive invitations to special seminars and events designed specifically for their benefit, including topics on downsizing and moving.

“These are great opportunities to not only get to know more about Greenspring, but to get to know the people who will  one day be your neighbors,” says Willing.

Twice a year, several Greenspring community members open their homes to priority list members, providing a real-life, sneak peek into apartment home living.

“These are our most popular events,” says Sales Manager Franklin Funes. “The Greenspring home expo in April and the fall open house in October provide opportunities to see real, lived-in homes, as opposed to homes decorated and staged by professionals. At each of these events, the homeowners are available to answer questions and share their experiences.”

Many guests at these events are eager to walk through Greenspring’s most popular apartment homes, including the two-bedroom, one-bath Fairmont and the sought-after studio homes—the Abbott and the Addison.

“Seeing the showcase of homes was extremely helpful,” says Zelda Wiener, who attended an event with her husband Jerry prior to their August 2009 move. “The expo provides guests with a feel for the community as a whole. It’s also an opportunity to compare the experiences described by residents to the information you receive from the sales staff—a sort of validation, so to speak.”

In addition to scheduled events, priority list members are always welcome on campus and are encouraged to spend as much time as possible participating in activities and meeting new people.

“While on the priority list, I attended many events and took full advantage of all the resources available to me,” says community member Vernon “Jiggs” Kaliher. “I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”