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Your eyes can help your memory

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April 19th, 2018
Eyes are the windows to our souls...and our memories!

Eyes are the windows to our souls...and our memories!

During those times when you’ve been trying to memorize a phone number, grocery list, or other information by repeating it over and over again, something was probably happening with your eyes that you weren’t aware of.

Researchers from the University of Toronto used eye-tracking technology to capture eye movements while study participants completed a memory task. They were asked to memorize objects on a screen and then were shown a blank screen and asked to recall what they had seen.

Results showed that study participants moved their eyes in the same pattern across the blank screen as they did while they memorized the objects. The researchers speculate that this phenomenon helps the brain strengthen the memory.

Scientists already know that as people age, their brains use alternate regions when certain areas don’t operate as well anymore. They think that more research in the eye-movement strategy or other techniques could lead to ways to train people in techniques as an early intervention to compensate for age-related memory decline.