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How to clear out the hard-to-reach places in your home

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May 10th, 2018

When considering a move to a retirement community, many gung ho seniors are ready to tackle the task of downsizing—until they take a peek into the basement or venture up the attic stairs. That’s where most of us store boxes, trunks, and bins full of family keepsakes, holiday decorations, and items we rarely use but have yet to part with. Those things can really pile up! Worse yet, their location can make them hard to retrieve and even harder to sort through.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for cleaning out these forgotten, often challenging, areas of your home: hire a senior move manager. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and efficiently they’ll help you get the job done.

Senior move managers will do the heavy lifting. They’ll take care of wrangling items out of your attic, basement, crawl space, and garage. And once things are within your easy reach, they’ll advise you on how to group your belongings to determine what is valuable, what to give away, and what to discard.

Senior move managers have connections. When you’re ready, they’ll contact local organizations that will sell your items of worth, welcome your donations, and haul away what you no longer want.

Services are affordable and efficient. The personal moving consultant at your local Erickson Living community will recommend a senior move manager who passes our stringent review process. They’ll come to your home and provide a complimentary consultation and a price estimate for their services. If you’re uncertain, I recommend hiring a senior move manager for just two to four hours and see how much you can accomplish together!

Even if you’re not planning to move any time soon, meeting with a senior move manager will give you a headstart on downsizing, so when the time comes, the entire moving process will be easier and much less stressful. Many of these professionals are part of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Visit their website ( to learn more about available services and find certified senior move managers in your area.