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Pioneering spirit

Barbara Malady is packed up and ready to go

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May 8th, 2018
Barbara Malady took full advantage of all the realty and moving services Windsor Run offers to get settled into her new home and community.

Barbara Malady took full advantage of all the realty and moving services Windsor Run offers to get settled into her new home and community.

The grand opening of Windsor Run is an exciting time for the hundreds of “pioneer” or first residents moving to the Erickson Living community in Matthews, N.C.

For North Carolinian Barbara Malady, her recent move to Windsor Run is the beginning of an eagerly anticipated new life—one without yardwork or home maintenance worries, Instead, she’s looking forward to meeting new friends and embarking on new adventures.

A few weeks prior to her move, Barbara attended a “meet and mingle” designed to help future community members meet their soon-to-be neighbors.

“I met the lovely couple who will live in the apartment home [on the floor] above me,” she says. “I look forward to knowing them both better. Preparing for this move to Windsor Run has been thrilling, reminding me of packing to go off to college. Just like I did then, I look forward to soaking up new experiences and making new friends. Only this time, I don’t have to worry about exams.”

The journey begins

Barbara’s first step before her move to Windsor Run was making the decision to move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC).

As a CCRC, in the future Windsor Run will provide several levels of continuing care, all on site, at the Windsor Run campus. A majority of community members will never need the higher level of care available, but they enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the care is available.

“I do not want to become a problem for my family,” says Barbara. “By choosing Windsor Run now, I enjoy peace of mind knowing that my future needs, whatever they may be, will be met and my family won’t have to make hard decisions on my behalf.”

Giving up the responsibility that comes with the care and maintenance of her house was also at the top of Barbara’s list.

“I was alone in my house, and it had just become too big for me,” she says. “Taking care of the yard became problematic and the hot summer weather seemed to make the required tasks more stressful.”

Knowing what she didn’t want enabled Barbara to start thinking about what she did want in her ideal home.

“I realized that there were many rooms in my house that I no longer used, most on the second floor,” she says. “I soon began wishing that I had a home that occupied only one floor. But it was also important to me to have a home that offered an outside space, either a balcony or a ground floor patio. Most of the existing CCRCs in the area provide little opportunity for the outside space I wanted. At Windsor Run I was fortunate to discover a variety of homes with patios or balconies.”

Barbara selected the large one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath Camden floor plan. This sought-after model features a spacious patio accessible off the large dining room.

Working with the experts

To provide for a stress-free move to Windsor Run, Barbara turned to Windsor Run Personal Moving Consultant Rachel Gilbert.

“Rachel came to visit me in my house with a list of preferred real estate agents, movers, and other helpful services,” she says.

From that list Barbara chose a real estate professional, a downsizing company, and movers.

“The real estate agent was very easy to work with,” says Barbara. “I had lived in the same house since 1980, so she thoroughly explained the listing and selling process. With her help my house sold before it was even listed, thanks to a referral. The prospective buyers wanted to see the house at a time when I was out of town and my agent took care of it all.”

Next, Barbara turned to Transitions with Care, a downsizing company Gilbert recommended.

“My main problem was figuring out what to do with the things I was not bringing with me to Winsor Run,” she says. “The company was a wonderful help, auctioning, donating, and discarding items I no longer needed or wanted. In fact, they recently sent me a check for the sale of items from my garage.”

Barbara also received help arranging a moving company to pack, move, unpack, and remove all boxes from her new home.

“Everyone was wonderful and provided much-needed help and excellent service,” she says.

Full-steam ahead

Now acclimating herself to her new life, Barbara is taking full advantage of the Windsor Run lifestyle.

“My patio is the perfect spot for a small gardening space without the trouble of a full-sized garden,” she says. “I plan to sit outside this fall while the Windsor Run staff rakes all my leaves. I also enjoy the fact that going to the gym is so easy—it’s right down the hall. I consider living at Windsor Run a great treat!”